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I have you my windows loud noise and something that was a lot komo suzanne phan says investigators are still out looking for clues it's pretty thick brush brush border state route five oh nine and the south east side of seatac airport that's where investigators are searching with metal detectors looking for evidence that the gunman may have left behind including shell casings we believe that she was in the tree line on the east side of the freeway investigators spent hours doing grid searches with canines and also searched by air with the help of king county sheriff's guardian one helicopter and their drone suzanne phan komo news police detective shot and killed a man and kirkland's kingsgate neighborhood last night komo's mitch pittman has that story everybody was aghast when this is going on as drivers were filling up at busy gas station just before five they describe police geli to a man to put his hands up then shooting him was fast after the announcements that's all i can say what happened in the kingsgate area of kirkland were told it was redmond police detectives who shot and killed the man las vegas family and we're sorry for that but given the situation i'm glad no police officers buddy filling their tanks nobody else walk into the parking lot was injured kirkland police who are investigating say they don't know what redmond police were doing here what caused them to draw their weapons or even if a weapon was found on the man that they killed that's komo's mitch pittman reporting komo news time is four thirty four komo aaa traffic we check it every ten minutes on.

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