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Is not sponsored by the cool weight? Well, no, one asked me if I wanted any six no one wants you wearing them. You have to have at least. They're really cute aren't they who made them. I just said PSA twenty one PM is that the brand. Oh, and like, I just feel like a easy it sort of feels cooler than easy. But like, you know, I was glad you have the shoe because it's basically got like a platform. So you're taller Yankees. I wear mine. And I'm also did you get the same ones? Now. I got like a white herb like the ones that were like colored or something. Yes. Through your social media person. Or is this just yes, it's actually was their social media people how many more followers. Do you think I need before? I can get the PS five ninety one eight twenty one learn the name, and then maybe they'll send if you talk about it enough on the podcast are really cute, though. Like, I'm very down. I mean, we get sent like some star U F. Leisure. Now, you're getting I love enough leisure. I'm a total leisure head to toe athlete right now with the full face of makeup. It's weird. It is all I like influence unless a story about your audition today. Well, I two hundred today for pilots pilots. He's in everybody, which is hell on earth in case, you are aware. So basically what happens is all these networks have multiple pilots. Most of them. Don't get made pass the pilot in most of them are terrible. Nice. And then what happens? It's really fun. During pilot season is you'll get an Email like I'm surprised I haven't gotten one tonight at seven thirty nine at night. And what's par for the courses? I get an Email from my age, it'd be like, hey, you've been on dishing tomorrow for XYZ role. Here's what you need to learn, and they send over about twelve pages of and then you have to go in the next day, fully prepared and ready and not get a job. You just basically show the world how mediocre you are. Here's a reminder haven't seen you in a while still mediocre know how so what were your roles today. You wanna talk about it? How did you feel you went into today? I did as well as I could have. Okay. Is it better when you leave feeling like you killed it? Or is it better? If you're like, okay. I don't really care. There's really no right answer. Because sometimes I've left being like crushed it. I never jaw crush. Yeah. Now. And then I'll be like, oh, there's already an offer out. Hilary duff. You're like the cool. So it didn't even matter that crushed that. Great awesome. That's usually the way it goes. Yeah. Prom what happened to okay, there's some roles. I know you've been up for. Yeah. I want to just like get an update great love love to go down memory lane of things. I didn't get you were going to be a nurse was going to be a nurse. Maybe you should rephrase. You addition to be a nurse addition to be a nurse nurse. Don't know don't know. We'll never know. I mean, I definitely am not doing that role. Oh, you auditioned to be? What's the one that? I read lines with you for was that the nurse one. News reporter we had. Did you get news reporter? I don't remember what project that was to be honest with you. I don't really remember these things after I do them. It's just there's so many other get attached. No. You just like, do you think anyone gets attached? Do think it's like you're just not trying hard enough. Or do you think? It's like that everyone lists like you're you're in out you're in and out like when Mandy Moore auditioned for this is us was she like Vichy role. An I have got to study all because here's the thing..

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