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Any more push timelines on. I'm looking forward to james bond. The new james bond movie and twenty twenty. One whenever it releases gerald. I'm going to be losing my mind. No time to die no time to die man. It's one of the things that you know. When the billie eilish song came out for the bond movie. I just was nonstop on that song. I admittedly. I've been nonstop on billie eilish. She was outstanding. Twenty twenty and i mean really in two thousand nine hundred. And i think that's when. Where do we go when we fall asleep came out the her album. That song captivated me. I've always loved daniel craig's bond. Pierce brosnan was my bond growing up as a child. But daniel craig has been great you. My wife and i differ on a couple of movies. But i'm really looking forward to see how he rounds out his appearance in the franchise. Because it's it's something that i don't wanna say it's him but i think he's earned the ability to go out on it outstanding movie and i hope bond time today is going to be that again. Something that i'm interested in now. Craig was at first a slow burn for me. As far as being that bond. I could truly appreciate and i'm now grown to really enjoy the character. I think sky fall did it for me as it did for a lot of other people at the most successful bond movie ever. Because it's such a great movie and he did so well in it that i now look forward to movies outside of the bond universe from him. Obviously he's done with knives out and lucky logan. That was a really great movie. Really great performance by him. Heat really catapulted the movie or rogan organ. Logan lucky yeah. Logan lucky the steven soderbergh film who steven spielberg always seems to go on retirement and then comes out of it makes it always. Yeah so logan. Lucky was a a truly great film in his performance and it was good. So i'm definitely looking forward to seeing what daniel craig gives one last effort to the bond films because this will be the last time we see them in a double. O seven moniker. At least that's what they're saying that's what they're billing as last effort for him and going to transition to a new double o seven. Who will that be only speculation as there's a will have to wait and see on that one. But i am looking forward to the final effort for daniel craig in the role of james bond double o seven in no time to die but what else you're looking forward to in twenty twenty one man. I'm really looking forward to the olympics. I hope they actually get to happen. In terms of what's going on in the.

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