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The blues are alive and well over there, right? Oh, yeah. Blues is alive and well, And I cannot. You know, the Middle East is a good face for blues and and and to write loose. I mean, a lot off. American president knows that you can get abusive. Maybe leave also, this in a good way. That it is I love so I'm a big fan of your work. I love super Groove you got you got Joe Louis Walker on that allies in Neil's Roy Young and some of the some of these songs are originals that you wrote, and some of them are covers from songs that just have been out there for a while broke. For example, you want ELISA teamed up to do the Joe Louis song. Lou's got Blues of the month club. So I mean, it's there. Yeah, I love that song. I thank her for mentioning that at me and Joe, go way back. I've been very busy for the past 10 12 years, bringing Lot off coming to best blues artist that America has 2% to Israel to widen the audience. You grew up in Israel when you were a kid kids your age. Did they listen to the blues? Or were you listening to the pop music that was out there or what we listening to? My my past. They're always into Jazz. Joining cash him. Reeves my father be found. Jim Reeves tried to think like him, but but he succeeded on for the weekend. I'll get my weekly allowance. My father was playing at the time Classic music and I have to name the pieces and the composer's with maybe off course not wanting to deal with crack news whatsoever and pushed me in the direction of the blues. But I want my weekly allowance. That's all I have to study that. But, uh, in terms of music, I, too need through American radio stations. Onders earlier, 12 And I got hooked on the blues. I heard the blues hearing John Lee Hooker Hendricks Albertine 30 King that made me pick up the six string And a friend of mine. Taught me the basic chords on Dad. I learned by myself never took a lesson or I don't read music. I'm not proud of that. I'd probably break all the rules. There are music, but it works for me. And unfortunately I have very Professional guys in the band particular the horn section. That's life things on everything, but he's stable. Children charged. I wouldn't have a plea was going on. You know, I guess stuff too. Showed him musically. What I want him to play. You would never know that listening to the album. Tell me a little bit about the lead cut, Super groove, You name the album After that, That's all you there no vocals. It's just you Shredding a guitar. What's that all about? What's that song about? How did you come up with it? Super Group? That's great, um, that riff What's in my system? On inspiration for that I would go back to 19 sixties 61. Looking.

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