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School everybody this is kelly again with two broads talking politics when we asked on twitter what people would like to see in our wisconsin episode we've got an overwhelming response that our listeners wanted to hear from kathy myers so online here right now with me i have kathy myers hello kathy colo so kathy you are running for congress in the first district and wisconsin yeah yeah some thank you so much uh for inviting me to be onto the i really appreciate that yes we're thrilled to have you so why don't you tell us why you're running for congress shirt well uh there's no shortage of reasons to run for congress i actually uh have the uh a a fair amount of experience um family wise in politics i we i grew up talking politics and uh i've been actively engaged in my community as an elected official and i'm on the member i'm a member of the school board in janesville and i was elected in 2013 and reelected in 2016 and i um i you know i i've always sort of kept us in the back of my head that maybe someday i might do something like this but then uh donald trump was elected and that sort of accelerated um my thoughts and my my plans uh tremendously and then we had the women's march which made me think that you know is time for women to stand up and i think women need to uh have a have a voice and should be very much a part of this conversation and the need to be more to be found in more leadership roles and then on top of that was the selection of betsy devos off as education secretary uh my day job is as a high school english teacher and i have uh i've been teaching uh i'm in my 24th your now and education is incredibly important to me and public education to me is the foundation of this country and so when he put someone in there that really is only interested in dismantling public education uh i just felt that i needed to stand up and.

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