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Jason is backup. We are in the seventh round. Jason's got zeke acres allen robinson. Julio jones tyler lockett and robbie anderson all right so now. I'm you're on. You're on a hot streak. Your four wide receivers four wide receivers in a row. They're still devante smith who i really like. Deebo samuel who a lot of other people really like Curtis samuel player like but the reality is with four wide receivers and those players not really being game changers. Now i'm at the level of wide receiver where it's like there could b.'s. You know what i mean like. I'm hoping if i grab one of these guys. They pan out. Now if i go and i look at comparing against running back before when i was talking about getting a fourth wide receiver over the likes of james robinson who is just a question mark. Is he going to be. The guy is team going to be any good. Is he going to become the backup by week. Five because travis t. t. In their first round running back takes over who knows and here in the seventh round. We were talking about damian harris earlier this episode about the fact that once you get past all those studly wide receivers the chance to get a starting running back who could be more valuable. This is where. I'd rather go to running back and when i'm looking at the board there's a couple of names there's damon harris david johnson. David johnson is still technically starting running back james connor as well. Those three guys are starting running backs. i have a hard time with james connor with his health history But he has the best offense. I don't necessarily think either the patriots offense or the texans will be good. Patriots will be better. But david johnson could genuinely catch seventy this year he could and in the seventh round the starting running back even on a bad team but because he's a pass catcher. I'm going to pull the trigger on david johnson. Grab him in the seven eleven. Oh do they do it again. Josh yeah i had this. I had an incredible plan. It was going to be just sensational. Here i was going to go. So how do that is so frustrating. So jason took david johnson. Dj chart aaron rodgers and then rookie. Devante smith went off the board at the back of the so at the back of the seventh and the star of the eight. I was gonna hit a stack. You're going to go hurt. I was gonna go. Jalen hurts in devante smith and like doubling up and i would love that doubling up on that potential of rape me and do that. I'm gonna pick up gonna take one day. Smith that is. I was already for it so at this point of the draft. I don't mind you know. I'm open to take the quarterback jalen hurts. I believe is the difference maker. Yeah sure job security. It's sketchy small sample size. But jalen hurts. Is one of just a handful of of quarterbacks in the nfl who could run for a thousand yards. Tom brady is still on the board. I i know that andy would auto select tom. Brady here stafford. Joe borough and ryan tannehill dude. Whatever i'm still take still gonna take jalen hurts here but i'll leave about jalen. Rigor is available. If you'd like to complete that stack. I am so eleven. This is what israeli rooks feet new. Update you now on me Jason's the commissioner technically strategies. You i wish. I wish i'd like to think somewhere. My dna is here in sleeper. Okay it's kind of a weird thing to say Wide receivers who. I would consider here. We got deebo samuel. Maybe the upset of jerry judy. I don't know me and jerry. Judy is a very difficult draft. Pick for me right now with portland. Sautin still being drew lock. How are you feeling about your boy. I look. I think judy's talented wide receiver and exceptional route runner and hill. Get better. but you're you outlaid it perfectly. I have a hard time selecting him. Because portland sutton. I think is going to be the guy like. I wanted. portland sutton Over robbie anderson that that was who i wanna but he went to picks ahead of me. Okay but when you're talking about being a wide receiver to for your team and then your quarterback is questionable at best yet. It's a hard traffic at running back. Damian harris leonard fournette are still there and you said you liked him in the seventh eighth pick. Yeah and he would be my running back for. So i'm actually what i'm debating right now is. Do i take damian harris. The locked in started. But i agree with you. That if it's if it's cam newton you have a touchdown floor. If somehow mack jones is the guy. Damian harris could see seven plus rushing touchdowns and a whole bunch of work or do you call the shot that james connor is actually the goal. Line running back for arizona. E potentially the starting running back inherits that kenyan drake role of last year. Where and chase edmunds. Just stays as the satellite back. Is the third down running back. I'm gonna go ahead as my running back for so i'm going to take some upside. I'm gonna go with james connor justin case. Just 'cause here's my belief system. If james connor does take that role of being the starting running back for arizona. On the table is ten plus rushing touchdown. Absolutely i mean with with rodney hudson at center and the amount of opportunities..

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