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Director Jay black out your definition of mutually assured destruction just take a look at baseball fight over money during this pandemic after the players told rob Manfred they're done renegotiating their deals for March but the minister tells ESPN last night we might not even have a seasonal I'm not confident I think there's a real risk and as long as there's no dialogue that real risk is going to continue if that isn't a gauche Yeading tactic is a bad one because the players are even angrier now union head Tony Clark says in a statement quote the players are disgusted that after rob Manfred unequivocally told players and fans there would one hundred percent be a twenty twenty season he has decided to go back on his word the battle of course is how to get paid if there's no fans the site did agree the commissioner can set the amount of games will be played if players get full pro rated salaries the link is also told the players they will do that only if they agree not to file a grievance and I'll be also says that several players have tested positive for the virus meanwhile in a fellow falcons veterans of wrapped up their virtual all season wrote working the rookies will do the same this week next on the schedule of training camp July twenty eighth which hopefully will be a person our top performer brought you by bulls and bears as the twenty or so Georgia tech players were allowed to return to campus yesterday for phase one of voluntary workouts so far only those that live locally allowed back you J. started last week and NASCAR's planning to live thirty thousand fans in to watch next month's all star race which is moved from Charlotte to Bristol because of a spike in cases of North Carolina and I'm just like on the whole the dogs ninety five point five W. whiskey refuted second words J. what is the only land a professional sports team that has games actually scheduled in the near future Saudi led United in their MLS is back turn it was to be in July okay thanks very still to come in to land as morning news after short break the family for short broke to seeking justice as they prepare to lay him to rest today I'm W. SPT Michelle right what entertainment icon is helping pay for the funeral and his children's education WSB deuce time is seven twenty seven Richard.

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