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And now my conversation with mike mayock of nfl network back on the mtv podcast we peter king privileged to be joined right now by mike may arc of nfl network the long time draft analyst in the guy who every year i like to talk to before the scouting combine because not to blow smoke but mike is an encyclopedia of these guys and the other thing i really like about mike is that he admits win he has a uh a when he's wrong in his judgement about players he and i have had conversations about johnny manziel and and other guys over the years but anyway i'm i'm pleased you could join me mike thank you all older thanks mike i'll start off the way i kind of started off when i when we talk every single year and that is i want to know when you're looking at this draft from a thousand feet give me the overview of this draft when when you say well you know i love this draft don't love this draft like it here don't like it there give me your little cliffs notes version of what you think of the two thousand eighteen draft yeah it's gonna be interesting because the first thing that hits me peter or the running backs in a year ago we talked about maybe the best running back class in recent history and that turned up out to be the case if you look at the first six guys pit yearago theater at running back was or net mccaffrey in the first cooking nixon in the second in kamara in front in the third i mean that's the first six guys off the board and aside from two injuries the production was unbelievable as use of this the talent and then you wanna kinda learn lessons from that and i look at this draft class and i think the listening back class is a conversation i i'm not quite as deep as last year but the top ended sexy barkley days ronald zone sony michelle i think we can have a conversation about how those guys gonna impact and then back quickly next year that.

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