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An institute and the academy of natural sciences in Philadelphia which solidified his passion for dinosaurs still there wasn't the only one after the rights to dress the part James Cameron Tim Burton Richard Donner and Joe Dante all bid for the rights with backing from Universal Studios Steven Spielberg acquired the rights to Michael Crichton's book even before the novel was published from one point five million dollars universal also paid Michael Crichton five hundred thousand dollars to write the screenplay after twenty five months of pre production filming began on August twenty fourth nineteen ninety two however three weeks into shooting a massive hurricane passed directly over the island the crew made the most of it and shot several of the storm scenes for the film and the hurricane Jurassic Park is one hundred and twenty seven minutes long the dinosaurs are only in the film for fifteen minutes Steven Spielberg was originally going to use a type of stop motion animation for the dinosaurs and will be supervised by Phil Tippett Spielberg was unhappy with the stop motions realism but Dennis Muren and island convince Spielberg that they could create photo realistic dinosaurs using C. GI Phil Tippett saw the footage and said Spielberg I think I'm extinct Spielberg love that line and threw it in the movie we're out of a job which makes staying the Phil Tippett was far from extinct he created an animatic for the T. rex a raptor scenes and skipper credited him in the film as dinosaur supervisor sound designer Gary rides from created many of the dinosaur sounds by mixing different animal noises the T. rex roar was from a walrus a baby elephant tiger and an alligator his massive footsteps were cut tree trunks crashing to the ground the raptors were dolphins walruses he's an African cranes meeting called and tortoises mating that's it for this episode of you think you know movies make sure to subscribe like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter and get the latest movie and TV news on screen crush dot com station fourteen fourteen twenty W. B. S. M. new Bedford streaming worldwide on the W. B. S. M..

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