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For big. Daddy grand there has been one group of, baseball fans and people that have criticized chase utley and his very good fourteen, year career maybe longer, than that it's got to be longer. Than that I think at this point beyond that near close to twenty, year, career, chase Elliott not, even that but whatever a little over fifteen. Year career there'd be one group of people that's really gone. After him and that's New Yorkers Mets fans and Mets people because of what he did to Ruben to Hotta in the playoffs in two thousand fifteen and the way that he was always a MEK killer that guy is public enemy number one in, New York and they don't like them Those are the only group of people that I have ever ever ever, ever heard criticized chase utley Joe Simpson Braves broadcaster on Fox Sports south on Saturday Took a to a completely new, in ridiculous level let me set the scene, chase subtleties a batting practice. Dodgers are at the Braves chase. At least doom BP he's wearing a strikeout cancer t-shirt his pants are up. At his knees and he doesn't have any visible stocks so. I assume he doesn't have any socks, in his shoes Now Joe Simpson I would consider to be a baseball lifer And Joe Simpson has been around the game along time obviously Joe, Simpson during dodgers Braves in the fifth inning starts the golden the, most ridiculous rent I may have ever heard in this sport and I've been following this sport for nearly the majority of my twenty year twenty nine year old life out to look at some things going on, today and, batting practice here the dodgers what you see C. t..

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