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Four. Permits trial and death also had consequences for Germany itself. Newspapers at the time referred to Harmon as a gay man rather than a pedophile. It led to a new wave of homophobia in Germany in the early nineteen thirties, which fed off growing public hatred. In the words of author Richard plant, quote, eight split the movement irreparably fed every prejudice against homosexuality and provided new fodder for conservative adversaries of legal sex reform, and quote Fritz Harmon was one of the most terrifying and prolific serial killers of the twentieth century his legacy played a part in shaping Germany and the atrocity of his crimes shocked the world the horror of the werewolf of Hanover might never be forgotten. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. We'll be back Monday with a new episode, you can find more episodes of serial killers as well as all of park casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you vast how to help the show, and if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see you next time have a killer week serial killers was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media, and is part of the podcast network. It is produced by max and Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Carly Madden. And Maggie admire serial killers is written by ten. Pharrell wells and stars. Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson. Don't forget to listen to the park cast networks newest show extra terrestrial it. Explores tales of alien encounters and aims to answer. The question. Are we really alone in the universe? Be sure. To search for an subscribe to extraterrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review.

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