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Let's get back to this okay. Kito for kids. Adriana and Sean Wells or in studio with Sean Wells Kito expert. Adriana is a mom and Akito expert as well an advocate. She is a real food crusader Her son Parker was diagnosed with cancer in two thousand sixteen at the age of eighteen months. Nineteen nineteen months and and okay. So let's go to this. Okay what Let's see I'm trying to think. Where should I go with the so? What were some of your biggest challenges with feeding a child Akita Genyk Diet well at the beginning? He was only two? He was pre-verbal. I mean in the sense. He had a few words but couldn't tell me if he was feeling bad. He was also on Chemo when I put him on. Kito so we have a lot of challenges and was getting him to eat actually and so. I ended up making him my homemade cream cheese pancakes with pastured eggs. Full fat cream cheese. Mcat oil grass fed butter pretty much every meal for three months. And whatever works in my actual thought was this is incredibly nutrient dense food. And it's in a form that a two year old will eat it right and there was some days he'd eat five or six pastured eggs and butter and he'd eat scrambled eggs and avocado and other things like that and That's ultimately how. He transitioned him into therapeutic. Ketogenic diet was feeding him the same foods on repeat that he would actually eat and now he eats everything they eight five now. Yeah does he like you know? There's a sugar free catch up. Did you know that made by primal kitchen? Here's the thing when you've never fed like I've never fed him ketchup into catch up. Well I do too. I think all of those are for recovery by food recovery He's not into catch up. I mean maybe he's just not a catch kid he might not be but at my younger son is definitely more of like a sauce. Condiment boy my husband's a condom and guys. So maybe that's where it gets it from Parker's never been into it so we've never needed to use ketchup or any of those things. Because he never eat them. Yeah well we. All consume too much sugar in this country. And that's a that's a big problem. It is but but And they're not paying for this. I just love the Sugar. Free Primal Catch up a good product and they have to have you. Houston I have. I'm getting low on. I gotta get an extra always. Have a backup. I'm a ketchup girl anyway. But kids love Ketchup. That's why catch and you can mix it with. Mcat oil to help. That's a great way to start Getting their ratio's higher higher fat because people think that accusing diet is like a high protein diet. And it's not. It is high fat high fat high fat moderate protein low carbohydrate. So you know I always tell. Parents like identify the top ten foods. That your kids like and then. Let's find Kito Alternative. Write them and what kind of crutches to help them. Along the way well I brought in the book -Tarian By Dr will call a huge. Kito advocate as well That's got a lot of great recipes in it and a lot of advice for for new start or Dr Natio- winners book. There's so many Dr Dot Dom de Destino so many people that we've had on the show that are huge into Kito so What advice would you give families? Considering a therapeutic. Kita genyk diet for their kids like Christie to be patient with yourself at the beginning and not wait for the exact right time to get started. There's no perfect time. You know I've been doing this almost three years and at the beginning I had no idea what I was doing and I just started. I made mistakes along the way. Just keep chugging along ultimately like you have your big goal at the end of getting your child either disease-free or getting their seizures managed or helping their other behavior issues that are going on So ultimately that's what I would say is. Just be patient with yourself. Be Open to learning things realized. Things will change as your child's tastes change too. I mean if you're coming from a standard American Diet it's going to be tough at first but not impossible to do. And that's one of the things I try to share with parents to is that it doesn't have to be complicated. Yeah it's the simple meals simple food and the good thing is that makes taste good. Oh it does absolutely well And Okay so so Parker. How is he doing now and at? What point did you so when you started him on the Ketogenic Diet and then you kept going in for Diagnostics to see how would how is progress was tell that story so yeah it was a leap of faith to put him on. Kito the very first Marai after starting him on. Kito three months later. This is amazing. All Post Surgical Dima was resolved like gone completely and the tumor was thirty percent smaller and I was like a high knew it and it was. I really believe you know working in conjunction with the chemotherapy. It's that press pulse theory that Dr Douglas. Tino you know in doctors say freed have worked on and from there every single subsequent. Mri got better and better and December of twenty eighteen. His tumor was totally gone. We got the magic letters. No evidence of disease. Oh my God. That was the same Last June and has next scan is in April. We'll be ten months very hard for me to wait that long. But I'm of course always hopeful. He's still acute. Oh Kid I hope. It's enough to keep that tumor gone forever. Wow do you plan on keeping him on the Ketogenic Diet and did you get a lot of slack from other parents? I can only imagine one important thing and that slack. That's not what the word food is actually changing the narrative around it. I don't talk to other parents about it. I don't necessarily call it a diet. I caught nutritional therapy because most of these brain tumor does. They need speech. Therapy occupational therapy physical therapy feeding therapy. This nutritional therapy it is just as valid as any of those other interventions and so it's changing the narrative around it that it's not a fad diet. It's actually a medical way of eating. That is therapeutic. So that's one of the ways I've gone around it anything you want to add to this. Sean. Yup totally agree like the in the West. We desperately need this to fix ourselves. Because we're so broken metabolic Lee and this is we should be duel fuel. We should be using glucose for fuel and using ketones for fuel and so it's just tapping back into that kind of ancestoral fuel that we've somehow lost. Yeah in growing brains need fat absolutely absolutely what do you WanNa say you have about a minute before the show? Gosh what do I want to say you can come back? So you don't have much I just want parents to know that it's just food. You know there's so much fear at the beginning. Your kids are facing life threatening situations and it can seem really scary to all of a sudden change what they eat but ultimately it's just food and it puts life into perspective right. A childhood healthy and happy childhood is so much more than sugar and that goes for kids that are battling cancer and just regular healthy kids too so. I want parents to know that they do have choices. I love it and I just it spent so great to have you on the show. I can't wait to get back in studio everyone. Thank you so much for listening. You get one body you get one mind and you get one life. Get out there today and be contagious leave positive..

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