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RDA good afternoon Sir how are you I am fine thank you I just wanted to add a comment about the March for life I the lady said that it's been forty seven years marching right huh it's time it's time we changed our I think that we should adopt Martin Luther king and non violent civil disobedience just like our civil rights well this is a light or white and I think that will give us a little further what what do you think about well I think it's an interesting idea I really do I don't know old when people talk about civil civil disobedience what they really mean I'm always always fearful about the use of that freeze in this day and age but I would agree with you that this is a terrible scourge terrible scourge and it disproportionately affects the black community in America millions of young black children never given the opportunity to live the Democrats are firmly convinced that killing children here and there as is okay take a look at what's going on up on capitol square you just had a a collection of Democrats there say that we have read the constitution but we don't care about it Dan helmer into was the other one mark Levin who can't define the assault the so called assault weapons that he wants to ban well they're passing a ban ending the sale of assault weapons ask them to define what an assault weapon is they can't do it that damn hell we're actually has the audacity on his a Twitter page say this bill makes Virginia say for now it really doesn't them but thanks for the efforts Joe is down in Midlothian Joe welcome to newsradio WRBL yes I'd saying that he is probably the most dangerous of the democratic candidates around you are okay I never heard of the never heard of being in till I watch that first debate and I saw how he spoke and presented themselves and I said oh my god there is one that that we minded uninformed low information voter will go for which is the same boulder that Obama well I agree with you and I can tell you that there are a number of Obama stampers your past Obama's staffers who are now on board with the mayor Pete because they see that they say all he's got to he's got something Obama was going to be the first black president and may your piece going to be the first gay president and and that's what they're hanging their hat on and I agree with you there there's certainly a up there's a threat there there's a danger there but I I don't know whether mayor Pete is totally on board with upending the entire system or not it is four fifteen Jeff Katz newsradio W. RPA Sean Hannity as a problem with our media will do the media's job and will give the information is not going to get anywhere else the slant things don't tell me the media in this country does not have an agenda right gets the shadow tell me that their fair balanced and objective John Deere to stop it you can't intimidate us you cannot control us Sean Hannity show next at six I'm so sick of these quite baby sore loser pick up their toys go home godless media people find use radio W. R. V. A. you know that my buddy J. Burchell does an amazing job down at the CMA's colonial Chevrolet any said died today were chat a little bit I think next week I'll be driving the.

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