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Had the liza minnelli collection on qvc yeah smoking cigarettes oh oh my gosh joan rivers used to be funny and i just i love the kathy griffin on my life on the d list when she went and visited her new york apartments and liza has an assistant who all's she does is lights up lies is capri she smokes these little skinny cigarettes that's her sole job yes and to make sure that lies it isn't set him anywhere we're can get and she'll take a puff and she puts in national and she walks to the other room and the assistant taps it out and then follows her stare call i was just like whoa liza with a z is on let's see so you think you can dance yeah she'll make appearances here and there but cheese i would not say like when you only have one or two show nights a year in vegas that means you don't need the money will of course she doesn't she has three hundred million warhol's yeah but i'm just saying where is costa mesa costume to los angeles you know where that is i feel it gets orange county because that's what she's performing this saturday a ticket started forty nine newport beach orange orange county don't question my geographic he didn't let's get a little orange county would be redondo in new more you know it's very pretty but yeah okay so she does a little yes little show called lies liza in michael in conversation and performance oh my gosh you know that might help because you know it's hard to stand up there and talk and do do that i mean member shallow she had no problem and telling us a story no i mean in you know she's got stories will always shine terrier storyteller she's she's exciting we've got the dirt alert yeah we do it's time to go we'll be right back mytalk one zero seven one everything i am in entertainment.

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