Jay Inslee, President Trump, Minnesota discussed on Chris Plante


Honesty. Straightness winter. This new information is the reason that he's coming back next Wednesday. That's the development of the new information because each hearing leads to the next hearing. It's the process it's Soviet salads polit bureau stuff, these days, people are not on our side. They're not on our team. These are not the people that. These are not the droids your looking for absolutely astonishing astonishing stuff now with that said we have a new entrance into the democratic political field the presidential field. And it is the liberal left. E democrat Guvener of the state of Washington, which is home to Seattle and lots of antiques people, and and a lot of crazy people dialect far left people like Jay Inslee and Jay Inslee announced that he's running for president. And he believes that his central Michigan. He's he's on a mission from dog. I would say that we're back to Senator Sam again, they're getting dog whistles and messages from dogs all over the place because dog is their co-pilot as we know. And and Jay Inslee believes that if you elect him president that he will alter the climate of the planet earth for the better, you will be more comfortable beaches will. Be nicer Minnesota will still be Arctic in the wintertime. Minnesota would like a little relief from all that. But Jay Inslee announced that he's joining the twenty twenty presidential race. And he says that his lead claim his lead. Promise is that he's going to fix the climate. I wish I were making this up. But I'm not you have to be some kind of an apocalyptic death cult to believe that elected officials are going to change the climate of the planet earth. But there are tens of millions of American voters that believes that Jay Inslee..

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