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Well, coming up in truth and movies. A little white lies podcast. It's Mike alita here. In the hosts chairs across from a pair of top tier? Lies contributors bring touch of French class to our discussion class. No doubt is Manuela LeSage, Manuela, and are very unbeatable boy county councils, welcome back him. Nice to be. We'll be talking about new releases very shortly. But first if it's a follow from last week. Now have are the ones who are party B palooza film clip pick last week. I saw it years ago. I think I'm not even show with living in the UK the remember being really baffled because like what is this culture? What are these people who is this, man? The time. The me on rewatch. It was amazing. I watch both both Simone and David last week. It was quite positively received. But we have an Email from Stuart Jones hair DOT and your discussion twenty five people in the last pod reminded me of the time. I saw it and the unusual thing that's occurred. It was a preview screening Manchester pizza hook himself with an attendance. And sat a few rows behind me during the early on in the film producer mountain hamlets his show and swear elaborating joy division for the early. Ramshackle performance of she's lost control. Hook Sheraton outs. That didn't happen in the subsequent scene. Whether to show playing on properly, he said more chiefly last more like it's as this is the only time something like this happens to be my as cinema going. I thought I'd ask the pot. Have you ever attended a screening of a biographical film in the presence of one of his subjects and did they Hackel? It. This sounds quite a question. I don't think I ever have I have. But it was for another Michael the film, he did about wolf Alice. So I was working at the BFI at the time as an usher. And I just kind of sat in on the screen, and I was like, oh, this sounds weird. And all of we'll Vallis and the crew were in attendance. But I don't know that they so much heckled as they cheered every second of the movie because if you know about the film as a fictional storyline. Kind of grafted onto this toll documentary where it's like to act as a playing like a manager in a row D full in love so sexy and everyone just lost them. That was about eight. I don't think there's any real heckling maybe a pot from like members of the band yelling about dissing each other. But it was friendly like. Michael wins has form. Stressful like, if I can avoid seeing the real people, I think it would because all like bio pics general is such an interesting complicated affair. Must be interesting. I've heard stories of you know, screenings of some films or like the countries, especially where the real people turn out to be there. Like, they were not expected and turns really bizarre because they don't like the film things like that. So that's so special. Yeah. That sounds like a good one to I don't think I haven't examples of that. But if listeners if you do let us know by the usual channels outs truth movies on Twitter truth movies at TCL dot com. Via Email on the comments section L to be lies dot com slash podcast..

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