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Thought foods an early election? Well, that's the danger that that Morrison faces. They also under Malcolm Turnbull had done a deal with some members of the cross bench some independent impace to to make sure that those independents would always guarantee confidence in the government end and the provision of supply the money that the government needs to function. Now, they have said that they won't those deals renegotiated. There's no guarantee that they will definitely transferred to Scott Morrison said he faces that challenge. And as you say, if Malcolm timber forces apply election, then this the question of of what the government doesn't the main time when it doesn't have a even a majority of one. So you know, it's a rookie period ahead for Scott Morrison ahead of the next election which is g by next may, but he's going to be very much hoping does independence can base the sweated to Becky mean what about duck? And can he keep his position because there's been some queries of his behavior in the past, particularly his association with some childcare agencies which have been fun. Nded by the government. Those constitutional question about that that hasn't been entirely resolved. That was one of the reasons that modem turbo gave for delaying any vote until today from yesterday, he sought legal advice from the solicitor general, the first law officer he for the government on whether or not there was a constitutional breach because they childcare centers receive government subsidies. Now the the solicitor general says he's not incapable of serving, but he can't rule out the possibility that the high court might if it was ever tested fund ineligible. So really this question still remains will heal, will he not be referred to the high court for for an absolute verdict? And if he is is another by-election that's an even further headache in terms of his ministerial position, I would expect he would be retained in the ministry. He did get forty forty votes against forty five. I think that would be an an uproar from the conservatives if he was dumped so expectation retained in probably Greg hunt who was the men who is going to. Run as he's potential deputy. So I think they jobs will be protected. But there is still this question I will have paid a eligibility. So what's the future of the liberal party? Well, that's an excellent question. Shane one that the liberal party's often get. So this has been the greatest fable. Repotting has seen. It's been the most shambolic performance in parliament we've seen for a long time. I mean, we had a government dismissed by governor general back in nine hundred seventy five and a lot of people being pointing back to that as the time that we've seen the sorts of scenes that we saw this week with ministers, resigning and the government unable to function the liberal party has a great deal of soul-searching to do, and that he's going to be an enormous challenge for the new prime minister and he's new ditties, Josh frauded book whose Victorian-based motor conservative, but but a pragmatic conservative and he and Scott Morrison going to have to work very hard to try and unify. And shuttered liberal party and all of these ministers that have resigned over the last few days. What happens to them? Do they come back into government or whole new cabinet is is, is found out, does that work and other good Christian with no answers? Just yet. I got Morrison. We'll have to do after being sworn in as prime minister will be to work at who he's ministry is going to be and get them sworn in as well. At the moment, we've got a skeleton staff in the ministry, just a number of the people who didn't resign taking renumber portfolios to parliament is out of fish in now two weeks. So he has a couple of weeks to try and get that sort it out. But yes, he really does need to work out which among those people, he's going to return to the ministry who he might reward from the backbench and who he might to might..

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