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And you know if you watch his business that's fine here to the right with separate but it from here the problem is that he is has spoken his mind and that it's going to him pat how he you know he works so much it with the public i do think if and i learned it he doesn't want to run a but he was a force trump supporter to face is partially a salary i do think that are like but i think more importantly in effect because trump supporters are bigger at then people who work for him for profar also ignorant that impact you had cohesion which is i would say very important in the part of our very important in the military very important put our he's also basically cause his superior to voter for trout ignored also so to maybe that's the biggest problem that's going to i'm a goal some personal issues again you know whether that impacts the way he does his job as another is another issue but he's over ten naia it's that to me that is a big issue and it deserves the minimum are repertoire we're going to go public with it he made such a broad alright so close again oh i wanna i want to come to get into the asked if you're a public servants then it maybe was it may be ugh of a good policy to keep your opinions to themselves but this it the illegal listen to right or a warriors it is it is it up it is a does should disqualifies you from being a public servants.

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