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5 31 on Colorado's Morning news. Good morning. I'm Chuck Larkin for April. Along with Marty Lens, Fox 31 Pinpoint weather It'll Be 77 today 80 tomorrow. And that's gonna make Thursday for a little bit chilly, with highs in the mid fifties 47 degrees right now in Denver. Good morning. Our top story here on Colorado's Morning news. We're learning more about the employment situation for the private security guard accused of shooting and killing a protester in sound Saturday in Denver. 30 one's Michael kind of pasta who directly employed Matthew Dole off the man accused of killing a protester. Nine news has confirmed to Dola provided security services for station personnel through a company called Pinkerton, who in turn says it contract it, Dolan. You're a vendor. They won't name. Oh, this was unique, so friends since we do some contract work for other companies, however, if they contract for us to work in Denver, then the guards certainly has to be badge to license down, then would work farms. Grant Light is a retired SWAT sergeant is president of Invicta Group Security in Denver. Mind hiring this person to do that for him? The first thing they should have done was asked for his armored badge prior employment. In a statement nine news says In part, Pinkerton, the private security firm is responsible for ensuring its guards or those contracts with our appropriately license, Denver City attorney's office as nine news PINKERTON or any entity, hiring and deploying unlicensed guards in Denver. Can face criminal and civil action. That is Fox 30 one's Michael Kahn Apostle reporting, Channel seven reports that'd Olaf had worked security for them as they hosted a Senate candidate debate last week. Elbert County, issuing Dole off a concealed carry permit. Two weeks ago, Medicine's been revoked. I'm Mayor Hancock says the security guard was breaking the law by working and being armed to the city. The mayor says the guard had no credential from Denver. The security company has to be licensed. The individual security guard has to be licensed. And if you are an armed security officer, you must also have the endorsement of the Department of Safety on DH. We do know that there's an Vigil didn't have either those office being held for investigation of murder. White Wheat Ridge police say a bicyclist died last night after getting hit by a car at West 49th Avenue and Kipling, the driver. Remained on the scene to elderly women hospitalized after their car was hijacked in liquid. The man who hired car jacked it there. Lincoln ran over them as he made his getaway. The women ages. 88 76 suffered serious injuries. Lakewood Police are looking for the car, which has an honorably discharged license plate. 274 CBF. The suspect is described as 18 to 20 years of age, a Hispanic male wearing a hat and a red cloth mask. If you spot the car call 911 today, the Senate Judiciary Committee member is going to begin questioning. Supreme Court nominee Amy Kuney Barrett e one was opening statements each member of the committee getting a chance to express their thoughts. Democrats focused on healthcare, saying barrettes nomination threatens Obama care While Republicans say she's well qualified for the high court Barrett, delivering her opening remarks. Toward the end of the day, I ask myself how I would view the decision. If one of my Children was the party that I was ruling against. On day two of hearing, senators will begin questioning Barrett, who's likely to face enquiries about her thoughts on Obama care and Roe v. Wade. Mark Gray Malard, ABC News president. Trump returned to the campaign trail last night in Sanford, Florida made America proud again. Way.

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