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Off off. Off off off off off off. Off off off off off. Hong Kong baby, welcome to the world famous stuttering John podcast. How's everybody doing today? Good. I'm glad you're doing well. Let me adjust my green screen for a second because it looks like it's a little or fears cuz it's a little cloudy out today. Let me let me do the fade in here. What do you think? It's about right? Right. Yeah, I think that's good. Anyway house dog. Buddy doing let me say hi to everybody in the room akti with the bed Suzy Fairfield Cheryl Door bar. Let's see DJ moonchild. Nikki be my moderator Nikki. I meant to call you. I want to find out I hear you cancer-free. That's awesome was on given Applause to Nicky be so I do want to talk to you song is called this year Julius Vinson with the badge greater TK, Teresa Kohl my mom and see here Suzanne for a sleepy a good afternoon everyone. I made Mexican food for dinner at guys. If it's if it's a tamale, I'm coming over enough to get Speedy Gonzales always like this tamales. I never knew what they were and my neighbor makes some Quan and Nae delicious Martha Salinas with the bad shorty one is here with the he didn't have a bench. You should aren't Edna Mars newest Susie Fairfield dead. Artist cavallin from Facebook. We got the Plenty from Facebook growing on Facebook now Mary Gibson from Canada John deaf. Chili in New York. You want to you can definitely be my twitch moderator Gillian. Do me a favor. Hit me up on on Twitter at Stuttering John am so I can you know, just DM me there. I'll follow you and then and then we'll work it out Sean's you know, showing will help you with that Susan Richard E is here from Facebook. We got home, but Gina Tammy Pearson from Facebook George m r or the Tiger with the bed Georgia and with the beds Pauline W with the badge Leslie Robinson Hussein heard of my mom was very kind of you. Who else we got Robin Priscilla brasel. I don't know how to pronounce a Christine s Ur boss. Schoonhoven with the badge smigs KY is here. We got all Del Chic and sneakers our first super jet from Christine Esther schoonhoven. Thank you very much. Chris Gleason is here the very generous Melissa felt minutes here. Chris Gleason is coming at us from Facebook be a very good show today. I did post my you know the link if you want to donate to me directly through PayPal and there's Christine. Thank you so much. And now there's a lot to address today. We have the amazing 30-year prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Glen Kirchner my sister-in-law year. She's only for 15 minutes while she's heading home from work. Okay, Carlene Martin from Iowa. I love Iowa Field of Dreams. One of my favorite movies of all time Chelsea Leonard, please hit the thumbs up. You got that right and a lot going on Joe Biden gave his first press conference. Oh my God. He hasn't talked in two months. Oh my God, the world is coming to an end. And he looked oh, thanks for the $2. You know, it's look the media. It's so Fox News and and Newsmax. They are freaking frothing out the mouth because they can't find anything to goof on Joe Biden about because here's the thing. I was telling Sean how to counter 25. Joe Biden is like Barack Obama. They're good people. They're not going to give you any scandals. So what are they freaking focus on thank you, Laura Nipsey the $3 with the badge. What are they going to focus on? Oh, Joe Biden said, he's been in the senate for a hundred and twenty years dumbasses. That's called a joke. You will have called them too old to run because he was seventy-eight. So now he's feeding into your hysteria over his age and by making a joke about it in comedy. It's called absurdity. That's it's just one of the few ways to formulate a joke that is called a joke. There's false leads there's absurdity that does exaggeration. Whatever. That's all it was. And absurd exaggeration will combine them. But it was a joke, but they but they are looked in this they are frico. They gotta so trending immediately Senate 120 and all these right-wing political pundits punt dances are busy going Joe Biden said he's been in the senate for a hundred twenty years. You know, what dumbasses I think Joe Biden knows how many years he's been in the Senate and I think he knows how old he is. So stop with the fake b s you don't have a story. Why don't you go back to try and defend Donald Trump for inciting a freaking Insurrection and for getting people to commit anti-asian American Virgin Islands because he couldn't stop saying the China virus. What are we get back into that and all you freaking lunatics all these right Wingers? I you know, I I giggled to myself Lauren beaubourg is busy say, you know, Joe Biden said he's coming after your guns. Hey boring Lauren. Here's the thing you dumb ask who's got a GED high school diploma not like there's anything wrong with it, but you're a dumbass. Okay. Okay, that's just the truth. She starts going and coming for your guns. No, they're not. No, they're not he's asking for stricter background checks. How many more shootings do we need in his own country before we get the simplest simplest thing stricter background checks and you know what ban assault weapons while you're at it like Bill Clinton did why not? Why because it's not your kids getting shot. It's not your friends and family getting shot dead right beaubourg you dumbass. Is that why? I think so as crackhead Bob would say I think though yeah. Yeah, well guess what tell that to the parents and the kids in Sandy Hook. I cried after that innocent six-year-old 20 of them murdered. And you and you don't want stricter background checks why like somebody tweeted if you're that if you're that scared of a strict of background check the maybe you shouldn't have a gun. I know people who are on tape screaming. Where's my gun? If you can't find your gun, you shouldn't own one. And listen, if you're that bad.

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