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I was a i was a bartender and waitress and there was this restaurant in chicago called ed bev where the whole point is like the wait staff mean to you like. That's the dick's last. Did boston and people always want me that. I acted like i worked there. I was at a regular restaurant. I got the exact same feedback. I i'm not kidding there. Like have you ever thought about working at dick. And while i didn't know what that meant and then when i found out what it meant i was like excuse you from years ago. That was very very rude. My criticisms are funny and also true. These just mean yeah. And like when i would be mean to tables it would be them trying to figure out in front of me what they wanted and i go. Why don't you just let me know. And it's like i don't like to do too. I thought might be hard tape. Let's go i. I was being constructed and ed's they're just like sit down and shut up. And i was like you're being you should stop being. I think that is good. Customer service with you. See like i thought i was telling you that you have your back turned to me once. You finally got my attention as the bartender in. You're asking your friends what they want to drink. And i would argue. You could used ten minutes when you couldn't get my attention to ask your friends what they wanted to drink. Then you go to dicks and they put a hat on your head. That's like to get into the community college. The sun even true. That's and that's people need to be learning lessons. If you mean to you can build on. You can improve. I'm giving you little bits of wisdom for free free. So i woke up today and i had people over for the first time yesterday in a year. No one's been in this apartment since we got a dog with watching my dog look and other people and be like people can come in here. Oh can come in here. She was so excited. It was just like a joyous note of the simplest thing that a ago would have felt like a night. you're gonna forget about would've been like what losers it was happy occasion. We're like we had to fix the second toilet because we don't be here when you like this beautiful day and then today woke up tired. And then i i Might have gone to the gym. And then i then. I started realizing i was like. Oh this is too much and i really do actually have to ask nagging questions. So he's a scaled it back a bit but we'll what when those things hit. We'll go for a ride together. I'm ready we're like meeting at your coming down on coming up at some point we're going to me and then fish will start playing. Yeah that'd be that know this song. I'd love to help her with this. But my mind is blank. I might make noises. I wasn't sure. I'm like. I know the kids from my high school. That are not doing well up them. So they're the they're the bad and that popped in my head high. Who were you in high school. I was like a patty simcox lake super goody goody i was a virgin but one prom queen so you know like a nice look. I was like a chunky virgin prom queen home. I am not religious so it's like my parents. My parents had a go and so that helps me. That definitely verner. That's gonna put you over the edge. And i had a huge ask like a i look at pictures of it all the time. My high school acid. I'm like i can't even believe my parents let me leave out so giant. What pants were we wearing. Then was that was that. Yeah so those weren't great ass pants back. I.

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