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With no help clear all the stuff that they wanted removed i woulda just go into their attic basement wherever the junk was in the garage and haul it away but i realize there's a lot of things like refrigerators and deep freezers that were too heavy for just myself scale i needed employees and i recruited my best friend david snyder meant he became to connected to the junk coming we're still best friends today but it was pretty funny because he would just look through the junk ankle look at this check this out of the history behind this he would keep things and i'm like this is not gonna work out we need to work here so how did you figure out what you do with chunk like because you have to pay fema seeming to like a a dump silec a landfill site where did you would you find that those places i called up the city the municipalities and they said where do i take a load of junk of i've got some and they gave me the addresses of all the different places and i tried them all out some were closer than others some were cheaper but farther away experimented a bit but was pretty easy stuff i mean it really was the business of pickup someone's junk see the smile on their face take their stuff off to the dump or to be recycled and repeat so simple how how take before you actually you know you paid off the track the cost of the trough so within two weeks i admit enough money that had paid for the business adjusted my prices quickly i worked hard and i made seventeen hundred dollars can net profit that summer this is 1989 roughly 1989 all i remember was that seventeen hundred dollars was enough to pay for my school and some leftover hot and i would do this every summer until i finally had the bold decision to drop out i was learning much more running the business on the streets versus studying in school and i remember sitting down with my father who's liver transplant surgeon.

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