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To use it as a to encourage people to revolt against a high council which they do apparently yeah. So do you think it was more political that she wanted to go through the trial or is it just like. She's just clerk stickler for the rules. I think so. I think she was just so. I have a job to do. The high council put you know game in this past and dog devotee though she does food inquisitor does ask the doctor become president again again. Yeah yeah you should run. So if if lee my recommendations worth anything you have my vote but like it's only after the doctor stops the value ard from blowing like the matrix up and therefore everybody you know the entire jury and everything smithereens with those e should you. Yeah this whole crazy contraption thing it's only then where she's like. Don't worry about it your doctor. By the way perry's alive. And how would you like to be president again. What do you think of. She just casually mentioned. Oh yeah you know hey case. We forgot because as we're kind of wrapping up. This story appears alive. There is a whole lot of oh and by the way and by the way by the way versus jane baker going. Oh this here. We are going to check this box type exactly. Yeah so what about you. What did you think well you know a lot. Would you guys that said already. I did enjoy and we didn't talk about what we talked about the doctor but the whole fake trial scene where he's quoting. You know a cities chicken like you know is a far far better thing that i do than they've ever done before. Yeah yeah and everything. So i love that Message spock starts two. We talked about that her ever. Her shows up kirk syria. Yeah for what i loved is And you're right right where she goes. Well okay we put you on trial. We turned out that this was all this kind of big mistake. feelings cool right. Yeah like you and me you know. Let's go joy riding in the tartus. gas it was very very funny. A mel did not have a lot to do. And i was okay with it. Because you know. I i love our roguish herring bud type character. So i thought that was a fun. Way to be in the matrix together He and the camp doctor have good chemistry. So you bring up a good point. Do you think glitz makes a better companion for the doctor. And mel does this case. I don't know consistently think for this story for the story. This story were there and they're trying to you. Know all liles on wheels among wheels. This is kind of Think that was he was well done. Okay all right. That's fair So what do you make of the the big Little cliffhanger sort of where we find out that the inquisitors telling you know it's kind of like the aftermath and the inquisitor is getting ready to leave and she tells the keeper to. Hey you know how you kinda sucked with the security of the matrix once you do something about that and get glitz and the master out of there while you're at it and you can requisition anything.

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