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Democratic cook county board member is blasting his fellow democrat board president tony prep clincal for the controversial county beverage tax we hear more now from our john dempsey westside democrat richard boy could denounced perec winkled this morning on the big john and rambling ratio borgen's his prek wiggle throat to lay off county employees of a court strikes the tax down is an attempt to influence the judge was ruling on the case look on thank you aboard program we'd being intellectually dishonest people cook county of three you're only impact extraction william cohen joe to come to jobs structural looked at peo allowed a beverage tax going to affect the sweetened beverage tax is now on hold until another court hearing next friday john dempsey wlsam 890 news mayor emanuel is off on a junket to europe today as we hear from our bill cameron i saw for romme's balloon the onto london and milan primarily to recruit millennials to chicago's tech sector ring folks to chicago to start their career which is all to the strength of our group city were chicago's fixing now has been recognized nationally internationally and we'll be the foundation for my trip to europe innocence guava region and also agreements i will be signing all in the tech space in three different cities so whose pay for this jonquet should also as world visitors chicago of sleep publicprivate partnership that promotes chicago business bill cameron wlsam away shh wls news time now 10 and 0 for anlysts gets caught up find your traffic coming in on the edens looking good now lake cook to the kennedy junctions sixteen minutes kennedy in from o'hare to the junction fifteen and downtown thirty one if you're traveling on the kennedy outbound now downtown out to the junction that's 12 minutes 2001 to the airports stevenson in from the tristate lakeshore drive about 36 minutes dole little that fizzy inbound on the ice from downtown to thorndale twenty seven minutes on the dan ryan outbound downtown bishop ford fourteen minutes coming in cloud a halfhour inbound on the ryan and looking good both directions right now on lakeshore drive northbound marquette to how hollywood 24 minutes fifteen out southbound on the drive from hollywood to.

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