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You're going to be able to get tickets like you've never been able to get tickets and i'm talking about through the team. Not through the aftermarket for ten bucks as we all know in recent years you've been able to go to game certainly after the mid point of the season for fifteen bucks or less in a good seats. They are in a mode of operation that they've never been in before they are aggressively trying to get fans they're trying to acquire customers. You know it's almost like a new start up business. They are in the customer acquisition business and by the way that can be very expensive. And i think it's going to be so interesting to see how aggressive they are and how creative they are in trying to get people to come to the games getting people to watch the games and then to what the results of that are like. I would expect the the chargers opener to be a pretty good crowd right in two thousand eighteen. The home opener against the colts remember after they had beaten arizona in the opener in alex smith. First game as a washington redskin and then remember adrian. Peterson's first game he ran for one hundred yards. People excited are. We got a quarterback. We got running back and they came home and there were like forty eight thousand. Maybe fifty thousand at the game on a beautiful sunday afternoon. One o'clock game against the colts. That was weird. That was another one of those. My god it's not anger. It's not you know people being pissed off. It is total total apathy. But i you know. I think watching how they market themselves and then watching what. The results are obviously winning on the field will drive the most in terms of results but How it plays out early in the season with some optimism about the team. I think will be interesting but the business of the team is going to be there for all the see. It didn't used to be. They will be aggressive in marketing and selling themselves like they've never been before. I hope that personally manifest itself from a pr standpoint with you. Know more accessibility to The team to the coaches to the players. But you know when training camp starts but certainly when the regular season starts they have not been the most you know accessible in recent years they should be there in the mode that the other teams in town are in. They should be doing everything they can do. Customers the other Topic i wanted to get to is something that sam acho said this morning. Who was sam macho will. He's a former player in the nfl and he is an analyst on espn. I think i know who he is but this tweet this morning. Got a lot of attention especially among washington. Football fans sam macho was on greenberg. Show get up this morning. And after his appearance on the show he tweeted out the following. He said y'all jeff saturday who was on the show with him. The former colts senator who's been in. Espn nfl analyst for awhile now. He said jeff. Saturday just accused me of being high on national tv. And you know what he's right. I am hi. I'm high on the washington football team being the biggest challenge for tampa bay in the nfc. Coaching and culture teamwork in talent. Washington has what it takes. So he's not the first there have been others. You know certainly people locally and plenty of people nationally that are very bullish very high on washington this year and i was thinking about that as i have several times in this off season and i am wondering why and i'm also trying to put it in sort of a realistic Perspective first of all look. You shouldn't care. And i don't care that much. It just makes for good conversation in july. What other people inside the market or outside the market i would take more of what people inside the market that you trust and believe in believe about the team more than people outside the market but there is optimism. You know i said this recently. I think there's more optimism about a season. There's been since two thousand thirteen twenty sixteen was a house of cards because i think we knew they could be good offensively but defensively. They were just not very good. They just sucked defensively in twenty fifteen two thousand sixteen and in two thousand seventeen so this is different though because they've got really good talent on defense as we know and they've got some good young talent on offense but if you're picking as a national pundit or anybody if you're picking washington to be a significant nfc champion contender championship contender. Only tampa bay. Come on you can't be basing that off of the team you watched last year in. This is the point that i wanted to make. We've got to get some realistic perspective. On what last year was last year that was an average football team in a terrible division playing a weakened schedule they were seven and nine. We know the seven wins in the quarterbacks they faced. They were not a good football team last year. They were an improved football team. They were more sound fundamental. Well coached football team and yes. There is young talent on the team. They've been acquiring it on defense specifically the last couple of years and they were improved and was great about last year is while they weren't a good football team they were very average football team They got incredible experience playing a game at the end of the year to win the division on national. Tv in this sunday night. Finale and then they got a chance to face. Tom brady in a playoff game. That's great experience. But if you're picking washington to be a major contender in the nfc eight can't be because of what you saw last year. It has to be something else if you say. I like that team. Last year team won the division last year. That team really pushed tampa last year. Chase young montanez sweat jon allen. You know they were hurt at quarterback instill they won the division. No if you watch that team it was an average football team and by the way defensively improved. But good not great if you think. Washington is a legitimate playoff winning team. Like they're going to qualify for the playoffs is the division champion. And they're going to win a game or two then it's because or it should be because they had a really good off season and you believe in the quarterback. They did have a good off season. This should be the reason that if you're more excited and optimistic about team it's because they literally added good players to almost every need that they had coming off of last season. They needed offensive lineman. They added leno. they added cosmi. They added Flowers they kept sheriff even though it was very expensive. But he's a great culture guy and he's the best offensive lineman they have they have him coming back at wide receiver. You had some issues. You added curtis samuel. You added adam humphreys. You added yami brown. You needed secondary.

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