Tommy Hilfiger, Pete Carroll, Kardashian discussed on Jupiter Rising Show


That guy that had a problem i don't even know i don't know but i do know it wasn't great it was something crystals something carbonated water kinda nope just like it was the same thing with like tommy hilfiger back in the day i remember that 'cause we were all in the bubble jackets and then when it came out that he was people were not his target audience we didn't target it's close nowhere we relate off of that on his pete carroll was even talking about how he got better shoes then kiei and i had to re tweet that 'cause i goes like for real like it's on our ready radio of pays it was it was like who i'm saying who is running pete's twitter he's up here going on they like man i got shoes would blow you out the water i mean so that was wild to see him interact on that but yeah like i'm sure it's not gonna hurt him or his children in the in the long run because you know he's got the mama he's got kris jenner you know we'll wait wait managing him and she always knows how to get wait wait hold on yes he does but you know thank you because somebody she site the kardashian took his back feet loss people right this fast so it's like i want to see it go keeping up with the cadets now because now nobody's gonna really mess with them they going to start screaming kim is naked from the front now like you can't please gets naked from the background to do something else cloud backed is that silly to want to sit okay for all those games seen a naked woman before cam got the same parts they other women got just look at her like you hitting it so why are you looking at it like e ooh i'm going to go i'm going to congress house i'm up i'm alternative what's his name ray jay and i'm going we're going to do us a video yeah okay yes all you get your head out the toilet well you know the song that he dropped was with ti right like in ti's like oh did i forget something to dimension that you know i had this song so you know he says that he's not gonna lose faith in congress because you know he will be along work in progress.

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