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Cardiovascular health page at 100 healthcare dot or g'kar. Rio for now, New Jersey one a 1.5 fast traffic status quo on route 33 3 old and still closed on the westbound side between holes. Bell Road, a bridge 79. It's a crash investigation. Follow those detours to any western New York It's a crash in the right lane right around age of 13. There's also lots of stop and go in Linden on one of nine sales coming out to style Street. 22 union construction both ways coming in through the area. Michigan Avenue Chestnut Street for Saturday Garden State Parkway, getting word of a crash on the North end side in Colonia. This will be approaching the colonia rest area. The right lane is closed or those delays will start to kick in around exit. 1 32 Red wants her Edison also in a crowded side, not doing badly across. That's and so far. Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Billmyer in New Jersey. Traffic South Come, accidents tell you about, Actually, it's a truck broken down in Mercer County, A Tu 95 North found approaching exit 61. That's the exit for arena drive in Hamilton's white horse area. You won't be careful. It's on the right shoulder, but you know it's a truck broken down and People are coming up that full speed at the road conditions Pretty good to 95 Turnpike. 1 30 all the majors from Mercer County, down down the blacktop, So that's a good thing that you're locals that get all mushy. 44 has read work both ways Angry, which township both ways, Right by Tomlin Road. One Lane is down New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 3 18 on New Jersey one a 1.5, New Jersey traffic brought to you by guaranteed service for only $77 Guaranteed service will tune up your furnace or boiler and give you a no breakdown guarantee for the entire winter season. Or you repair is free. When I 100.

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