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To see their guy and you know what landing united fans. They love Joseph Martinez. They're going to see their guy go to a, I don't know, really rival pseudo rivalry. Conference rival, I said pseudo rival in inter Miami. They're not going to be happy. Carlos bocas attempting to explain why he allowed this player to go to arrival. Doesn't it? It makes sense if you're talking, if this is Carlos book a negra talking to fire away, he's talking to the fans. He's talking to the Atlanta fans. Where it doesn't make sense. That's why you asked me, is he telling truth? Yes, he's telling the truth. He could have done all that. They could have done all that. But get lost because why would you even say it? Well, you're just going to anger and rile up the fan base even more. Now, let me tell you something, okay? Garth I agree coming to Atlanta United is a game changer for the fans is a game changer for that ownership for the organization for Gonzalo Pineda. But the biggest game changer is for Carlos bocanegra. There is credibility that comes with Garth arguably. Let him do what he does. College buchan has been taking a lot of heat over the years. Some of that absolutely deserved the coaching hires and you can go back and look at everybody after Tata martino. The bore Heinz Gonzalo Pineda. Everything that went down at the root of all that was turmoil with Joseph Martinez. Everybody who possibly was there from the past is gone. With that, the accomplishments. So you bring in somebody who knows what he's doing in Garth away. This is a blessing for everybody, especially Carlos. I tell you what, I got to applaud Atlanta United here. They took care of a club legend, and whether you like Boko Negro talking about it or not hurt, and I can understand. He's coming to breaking his arm patting himself on the back here saying how nice he in Atlanta United were. I like the fact that Arthur blank, who has given Joseph Martinez already a lot, says, look, Joseph Martinez is a great player who's going to go to arrival and I'm willing to buy him out and facilitate that because I want my club legends to feel like they'll still part of this, right? Like they have the respect. I don't think we see that enough around Major League Soccer. I don't know that we see it enough around the rest of the world. This is to me a sign of respect from Atlanta United States. Is it respect to Joseph a respect to the fans? I'm asking you what you think, which one it is. Can it be both? We both pick one. More Joseph, more Joseph. I think fans would have understood. This would not have been the first team to say, sorry, legend, we're not gonna send you to our rivals. Sorry, sorry. You can go somewhere else in MLS, but you know, try Western Conference team. Or somebody we don't really care about, right? Something we have no geographic Atlanta fans. I think they might. I think they might care when they see Joseph Martinez in an inner Miami shirt. I'll tell you that much. All right, let's focus in on enter Miami. Do you think Joseph Martinez is an upgrade? Pretty Joseph ACL tear and 2020. Today, dealing the reality of today. That's the thing. That's the issue. So with Joseph Martinez comes a certain level of turmoil of havoc. The

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