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P. dot com here is dean late we do indeed thank you for joining us this early morning here on this trusted him to the WTOP news for we begin this half hour with new caucus results from Ohio this Wednesday morning and people to judges still this hour in the lead we hear twenty seventy one that is seventy one percent of the free scenes are not reporting in the former self in mayor has almost twenty seven percent of the vote for first place Bernie Sanders is second with twenty five percent Elizabeth Warren is third with eighteen percent followed by Joe Biden again seventy one percent of the precincts now reporting in this morning reaction now we turn to to president trump's state of the union address last night not surprisingly sharply divided along party lines Virginia democratic congressman Jerry Connelly says for his part he can't remember seeing the house chamber so clearly divided during such an address our heroes and she there bridge builders they try to bring us together at least that's part of what they do as to what he did was take a hatchet and whacks away what little was left of that bridge but Virginia Republican a Denver riddle men who represents the fifth district says he like the issues the president focused on last night really it looks like a talk right to our district role broadband opioid addiction he talked about deregulation he talked about the issue in America based immigration talk about the border issues with our district so he was right on point I think was a fantastic speech members of both parties said they were glad that the president did not mention impeachment at all WTOP at twelve oh six new on WTOP this morning former in double A. C. P. leader Kweisi Mfume has won the democratic special primary for the Maryland congressional seat held by the late Elijah Cummings the two were good friends Infoway prevailed in a crowded primary with twenty three other candidates he's trying to regain the seat he once held for five terms Kimberly placing wins the Republican special primary for the Maryland congressional seat Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than four to one in the district that includes a significant portion of Baltimore as well as Baltimore and Howard counties if implemented wins in the April twenty eight special general election he will Sir about the rest of congressman Cummings term he would then have to stand for election again in November to win a full two year term WTOP trouble seven Wednesday morning proponents of a Maryland bill on salary history say women generally earn less than men and they say the problems perpetuated should he win an employer can ask about an applicant's salary history they say a woman looking for a new job may never close that earnings gap the solution to the wage gap that affects women and people of color according to supporters of Maryland house bill one two three require employers to propose a wage range and then bar them from asking about past earnings delegate Christopher Adams a business owner from Maryland's middle shore worries the bill makes it too easy for an employer to run afoul of the law so this is my message to the committee if this is going to be a bill that passes find ways to have easy examples that are clearly defined Tiffany point with the Montgomery County commission for women says people can still negotiate people want to do the right thing but sometimes they need a little bit of structure to put in place practices that will help them do that in Annapolis Kate Ryan WTOP news ahead this half hour minutes away this early Wednesday morning a WTO people talk with the national journal's Jeff before about the president's address last night to the nation W. 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P. at twelve OO eight good morning welcome in our one day bathroom project made easy long baths dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks right on the valley in Maryland on the island for forging to fourteen Central Avenue still getting father works on two lanes laughed as of late doing so without delay in a repair that stretch all lanes are open this continue past Central Avenue in past injuries and down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge no incidents anyway for G. about we're in good shape motivations between Alexandria McLean no incidents so far in your way was works and scheduled for the end of the valley between river turnpike and route fifty Arlington Boulevard and that was supposed to block the two left lanes but still no word yet that they are actually in the roadway so just be aware they've been checking for crash on New Hampshire Avenue south of valley near few drive no word yet if anything's been found out police and fire rescue running both sides in New Hampshire Avenue check your mirrors headed into the district in down your cavities you cross the Anacostia river bridge single file left fast works on occasionally sing is lay there as a result I ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway in good shape no problems to seventy north and south Virginia sixty six east and westbound essentially between Fairfax in Vienna down to a single left lane in each direction as they continue bridge demolition work along that stretch of sixty six you may find yourself and stop traffic from time to time in any event down to a single left lane in each direction and it does remain slow each way as a result of those work sounds WTF he reports are driven by fitz Gerald autumn all of the all new genesis sedan experience a luxury car that's the highest rated on the road is a fictional genesis luxury the fates why return WTOP traffic a very mild night right now but colder air making its way and by the time you wake up in the morning on your Wednesday temperatures will be in the twenties and thirties at least that'll be the wind chill during.

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