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Like what she was wild and out after that came the baradei rebuked with ben platt singing gershwin song from that musical gio evan hansen and then patti lupone who i thought night one what one point i think she forgot the lyrics because because she fell asleep during her servants listen lissette women consult grouse go on that but that was stood at the tonys my god that was boring as darts that was not boring and also what i love about it is here's some back story you know she originated that role of vida in the news ical back in the seventies and she also collaborated again with injured lloyd webber in the nineties she was norma desmond in sunset boulevard originating that role in the west end in london and she was told by andrew lloyd webber that she was going to play the role on broadway as well but then like fuck it happen to us the race it's nothing like what happened took it back took it back and gave it the fucking glenn close instead so i loved it despite that these showed up and performed because it was also like a tribute and also fuck you andrew lloyd webber at the same time i really enjoyed you telling me that story that's a really good story yeah so what i love about it is that song is as much hers as it is his i would say like when people think of that song they don't think of madonna they think of patti lupone but i do because i the norm e you know i wouldn't even say normally normally i've seen a lot of theater but i don't know the back stories like you do go and i just enjoyed i don't try to figure out the minutia of the back store i would i never would have heard that story that you just told if you didn't tell me you know what i mean.

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