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We're at the third biggest was the third biggest heard. Notre Dame more like Notre dumb. I right. Notre dominates more like notra dummy. Sistine Chapel more like Sissy chapel, right? Everyone. So Stephanie brandy that x. morning you're in their room again. Brady's back to whisper remote. She's like humans. Last night Dandridge Leandra screaming, and this is where brandy always wins me over again, our action. It was. She was this was better than that stupid thing last year where she pretended to be leeann. This to me was actually like wanna brand is best moments of all time. Yes, her invitations are perfect. She's imitating Deandra and then Leandra fighting over who's the Queen of the group? Yeah. And she and she impersonates she's like, basically leeann and the Andhra beneath each other's faces. And and leeann was like bridge, you know, that ain't true. I am the Queen. She liked it a perfectly dander at you. I'm now and she's like, moving your head like them and everything Bram you're really good with that. Just choose one with it. Impersonator like stop with. Okay. This is the note. Okay, brandy because we do like you still even though we will rant. We ran because we love. Okay. We are like two little Simmons's. Okay. Gay St.. Simmons's ak- December and basically do the impersonations because that's funny. Also I am so livid that we did not get to see the Andhra and leeann like, you know, have like a pissing match over who is the Queen of the show because that's what this was about, like who is the Queen of real hassles, a Dallas, and as much as I love the Android, I do love her and she's been so great as an as an addition. I mean, liens the Queen of the show. Right? I mean, she's like one of the top. She's probably like a top-five real housewife. I mean, I don't think you can be the Queen when he came on later, like to Cuiaba Queen. Yeah, we're not saying that we have a good relationship with leeann. We lovely. And so I want full disclosure. We hung out with her drank. She came to our show, we say the true like no bias like like, she's the grain, like. It's just it's just a back, but it's also hilarious. That's their fight. And I would never think that Andrew would even be in that fight. Like I would think that she'd be cares back. And her in her interpretation of it. She does say that she's like, we're fine and Lee him the Queen. I'm bits Queen of wet talking about dumbest thing. I've ever heard my life. I'm sorry. Are you the air to the hard night? Good morning empire. I don't think so. I don't think so. Okay. Do you know l. twenty do you know what l. twenty two is, you know. Hard morning. I love that as brand is the staff Steph is just like cracking up in bed. She's like, just like cannot because you knows exactly what it was like. She can already tell. Talk about age shaming, Stephanie and brandy do it every time. She's like, that is the Thames thing I've ever heard. I mean disagreement within the fifty year old women. I think of. Two fifty. Isn't that when you're supposed to fight over a crown by the way? I mean, I know I just aren't game of thrones but isn't it like you're supposed to reach fifty and be like, okay, I'm supposed to be Queen. Now why am I not Queen? Okay. I'm gonna fight. Yeah. Breakfasts, definitely Italy and can't camera. Okay, girls today you can do anything. I'm calling it a free day. Isn't that what? Novel concepts? She's like, ternary. So she starts ripping up literal paper and she's Kerry gifts, wet rip you can ski the guess what rip you can strengthen church mass. Stephanie guess what you can go snowmobiling and yearly. There's one requirement you must ought.

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