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Woman in white on the democratic side sat and now two weeks ago. I would say abortion would not be an issue, of course, in his presidential cycle. Now. I think it will be, but I gotta get Mark Penn's take, you know, Mark Penn the longtime Clinton pollster advisor managing partner now at the stage, while group bestselling author his book, micro trends is micro trend square to is flat out fascinating. Mark. Welcome back the morning. So I just wanna to get you right to that topic. When you heard that topic pop up. He's we're we're talking about an hour network. They're almost doing nothing. Another networks, basically fulltime abortion governor north I'm talking about. Well, we'll decide with them to keep the baby comfortable and talk to them about what we should do with the with the birth baby. What do you think this is an issue that peop- the Republicans can run on? Well, what I really was surprised that the laws in York and other places which tended to remove restrictions and third trimester. After abortions when very few numbers of the public support third trimester. And there are in fact, very shortly. Anyway, I mean, frankly, the movement was winning in terms of in terms of everyone supporting versus wave Boston overturned now things are turned on their head because no one supports, you know, open on demand third abortions. So it's something that the president believes according to his people that he can really ignite the pro-life movement who've been somewhat dormant. Pretty much. I don't know why Democrats handed the militia as I said they were winning. And now the president has an issue that he could go jam the pro-choice movement on instead of the other way around. It's unbelievable. So here is the president last night L. Here's a little bit of it's an hour and twenty one minutes speech, cut one members of congress. This state of our union is strong..

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