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They've all done a great job of listening to the tech community saying that we're missing the skills you need to build programs that deliver us higher -able graduates immediately and done a fantastic job of building those programs and interacting with the private sector. Yeah. That to the idea that we really did get a business friendly. You know, change certainly in governor and our governor. So you quick side story that just made me extremely proud. When governor Ducey was first coming into office. He was going around meeting everyone to what your job what you're all. You run this -partment you run this department, and we're about to have the Super Bowl, which courses the big football vent. Yeah. That's coming up. We'll we going to have it here in Arizona, and he was going around and talking to different people. And there was someone who ran weights and measures the -partment, and he said, so, you know, tell me what your job is. How do you measure success? He's a good business oriented guy and the person who was running the department said, well, I've got a whole sting operation set up for Uber and lift when the Super Bowl comes. And so we're really going to drop the hammer on Uber. And lift governor Ducey said interesting walks out goes to his well, someone remind me what's my thority with this person. Is they work of the pleasure of the governor. Okay. Your fire. Why why would we want to sting? Culturally changing, we should embrace these technologies and by doing that he's attracted them to come do some of their development here have some of their training centers do work here. Well, that's exactly what we're looking for. We want to know that there's going to be someone who's trying to get in the way stop innovation. Stop change. We want someone who's gonna Bryce it work with us. So that's a great just microcosmic example of how that culture is changing. Why you now see three hundred tech and growing companies some which we set really resonates with me because old Thomas. Vehicles. For example. This is a big hall of it here. Isn't it the very hard? Now, it helps that we also have an AVI very grid. Light flat grid light. You know mean there's mountains around you. But so for them to do the mapping. We did have a tragedy here. Also, we had one the accidents that unfortunately, someone lost their their life of my circles or someone crossing the street with a bicycle that being said, you know, we're losing a lot more people every day on our cars, we drive ourselves. And so, you know, everyone took a pause it took a step the government others to say, let's make sure that we're really doing. This development is technology about not taking unnecessary risk. But really still embrace the fact that you know, it's not going to be easy. It's not always going to be pretty I I certainly don't want to make light of someone who lost a family member this way. It's extremely tragic. But again, we're losing family members every day by doing it the way we've been doing it. I certainly would love. I'm telling my parents now, it will be very soon. You will no longer be Bryant. On. I was chatting with the guys at ways a few months ago. And I got very similar viewpoint. And they said that can actually say in ten years from now people will question why we ever let people drive victims of accidents. That goals seem silly. And you see, and I love it. So you see total changes look at the the industries that are gonna change because of it. How the automotive industry the insurance wrecks are going to go down. So now, you're seeing all the people who are primarily in the car insurance business, knowing we have to change our business model because we can't charge the same premiums because the risk just went down dramatically. Can you imagine? How many people were still going to get freedom to that? Can't get out drive today. There were going to say, okay, we'll make it available to you again. I mean, just I love how technology that's why I've done some technology startups. I love seeing technology change lives for the better..

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