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Introducing flights to know where maybe and people might pay for this. I don't know how let's get into the article. Singapore airlines is said to be a new route next month. The media is calling it a flight to know. Where does that work. Well flights take off and they land from the same place. We is that a good time for people in this case. It's going to be singapore's chang Airport which is probably the best and fanciest airport in the world. I've been there a few times. I will never forget the first time. I was in a bathroom in the singapore airport. Just it blew me away absolutely blew me away. It was the cleanest most modern bathroom. I had ever been in in my life up until that point since then i've experienced some More advanced toilets in places like taiwan and japan. But i'll never forget that. I chang Airport bathroom experience. When i landed my first time in asia. It's like wow. This is unbelievable now. Although the media is saying that these flights could occur early as as early as next month. Singapore airlines has not confirmed. The flights said that none of these plans have actually been firmed up But if it does debut destination free flying it will not be the only carrier in asia. That's doing it. Such flights can be seen as a way to help the embattled national carrier of singapore cope during a year of record losses by the covid nineteen while also allowing residents of the small nation. A chance to leave the island if only for a few hours. That's just such a lame way to leave the island. Take a kayak see some birds and whatnot wildlife. Why would you just go up in a plane and come back down. What do you like the food or i do like them. Pretzels singapore airline which is routinely ranked among the world's best Has been hit hard by the pandemic since it does not operate domestic flights. Yes most of singapore's five point. Seven million residents have been unable to travel since singapore's shut. Its borders late. March australian lethal francis. Who has lived. In singapore since two thousand one is interested in these no destination flights if they do become a reality. I think it's a great idea. Would be willing to go of. Singapore airlines goes ahead with the idea. Seaboards in island. And i'm used to traveling. So i definitely miss flying. I know do you miss flying so much. Serve that you'll pay two hundred dollars to fly up and then come right back down. Is that you enjoy this much sir. I think you're weird singaporean. Susanna lo said she would pay for a ticket if the amount is reasonable. I would pay mainly because. I miss traveling. I miss it. And you know the whole process of checking and the the airplane food and of course the flight attendants warmth and smiles ho. You you really love checking in susanna. Is that what you're into. It's a good time for you checking in going through that security. It's a good airplane food. That's a good time for you. The warmth of the flight attendants who just hate your guts susannah. I hate to break the news media susannah. They hate your guts. Okay there smiling. Because they're paid to smile aka. It's not genuine warmth okay. I mentioned earlier. How other countries are offering this similar service in late. August japanese carrier all nippon airways flew a ninety minutes scenic flight One of its flying ho new airbus. A three eighty aircraft's passengers. Were treated to a hawaiian resort style. Experience in the airport and on board the plane which normally flies between tokyo and honolulu. But this one didn't go to honolulu and came back down and then they got off. They were met with a bunch of people going. Aloha aloha just to pretend that you arrived in hawaii. Is that what i'd imagine. Taiwanese air carrier. Eva air launched a sightseeing flight. Last month on one of its. Hello kitty jets departing from and landing at taipei's tau on international airport. The hour forty five minute flight. Travelled at an altitude of twenty to twenty five thousand feet to give passengers a closer view of taiwan and japan's real q. Islands hope i said these places. Right taiwan's national carrier. China airlines flew two flights that took off and landed in taipei in august and the representative from china air told the news that the initiative has received a positive response from the local market. Apparently people love to go up and down. I guess that's that's the think people pay for this so surprised. I didn't realize people enjoyed flying this much. I can't stand it personally. I don't like the food very much. I don't like checking in The whole experience to me is just lame. I i hate to pay for such things. I certainly wouldn't pay to go nowhere. It's something i put up with. When i got to travel i'd say okay. I'll put up with this crap. I don't go how this is just such a good time. The flight itself was better than the actual vacation. Do you guys feel this way would would take such a flight to nowhere called weird af news. Please six four six four five zero twenty twelve. Thank you a florida. Woman named butts accused of pouring bleach on a child daytona beach. A florida woman named lovely butts which sounds like a lovely name lovely butts. You'd imagine she does great things for the community right. You know if you run into lovely but you're going to have a wonderful time ran. You see lovely butts lovely here here she comes. Hey who's coming to the party. Lovely butts well. It's gonna be a lovely party. Is it well. No because lovely butts likes to throw bleach on children's faces. Apparently she threw bleach on a child. Threatened to hit her with a gun. Lovely butts carries guns. Who'd have thought lovely butts carries bleach and guns. I would never expect that. From someone named lovely butts. And i'm sure she's got a great but by the way i don't know there's no photo this all happened. The bleach and the gun incident with a child during an argument. And i'm wondering by lovely butts would even argue with a child. Why police said that butts call them at eight pm. They arrived at the scene to find the victim upside. The home covered bleach. That's the child. Assume the little girl said she in butts got into an argument about the location of buses medication. So lovely butts poured bleach on her. Oh did you touch lovely buses medication. Well you deserve the bleach. No you don't lovely buses terrible and needs to really relax. But i don't know what lovely buses medications all about. Lovely butts bloodsport bleach on the lady. The girl causing the chemical to go into the victim's mouth and is causing her to almost lose consciousness records. Show a boy lovely buses. Get some records for sure you know. Sometimes you know you criminals and they have terrible names that they were given as a child and you're like oh they were totally made fun of david terrible. You like the last name crack or whatever this. This girl was blessed with a great name and yet it's still went all it went to shit. I mean you can't win just name your child. John mary and call it a day. The victim said at some point during the incident. She was locked outside of the house and when she tried to go back inside. Lovely butts had a gun in her hand. Threatened pistol whipper getting pistol whipped by lovely butts who the known police said. The girl got scared. She grabbed her phone. She was running outside to call someone..

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