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And so you know wanted to keep things that I said to them and said here's what if not making any impact. If you're not happy ending benefit them, this is not be content. Right, so we want to improve quality of life, goossens, disabilities and how do that I? Think is the impulse to be. An income. and. Pushing the the impala project in fact that. Trump initial will up. Those perfect other Yes, right and even polar project has the potential skills globally. Right minority projects. We've been looking on as potential, but this one is the definite yet. A high incapacity because a lot of the Putin's disabilities aigle have the skills. What they lack is sometimes is the opportunity to use those skills in a in an economic context at this is mostly software oriented You're lucky because of the hardware costs. Yes, yes, yes, yes, movies assists has the potential to liberate people to be able to move you know within environments at eleven, but of course to get them up. A hardware product requires you to have. Won a not just type? Do you need to have a fully designed photo that has been tested at NFC? HASN'T FCC lab or you laboratory Sometimes you have multiple certifications intestinal. You'll also need to protect the intellectual property. Then once you have those two things you need to get a a a factory. Some kind of manufacturing plant at. Make Open Doucet is minimum quantities. And then you'll need to have a distribution channel right supplies, so this is a very long and on top of the. Two, so that's what drives up the cost and then in terms of pushing visibilities. Many of them live in places that are high to reach right. An seeing how to reach me perspective, we wouldn't al-wadya. Andy you don't have access to technology, so you typically have to go through these different disability support organizations to see who's on register, and then you can figure politic to talk to them. Sometimes he might have. Full numbers in call them right, but still need to get access to that information. As. If there was a way for you to somehow gets in contact with the US. Thing because I know they do a Lotta will. On kids with disabilities because they have people injured in combat stuff. Is Behind things..

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