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The city of Wilmington is an island. There is no way in no way out the river. There isn't expected to crest until Wednesday today river. Probably all the water that was dumped here mean there were forty inches in some spots. It's arrives. That's a lot of water. The rivers are already filled. The tides are high actually standing in front of a gas station right now that is just mangled destroyed by the wind. I've seen many agitated an aggravated displaced snakes. The news watch never stops eagles. Limp. Home from Tampa belco throw. After a twenty seven twenty one loss to the buff. Philadelphia police are investigating two deadly shootings in different parts of the city. Five shots were fired. One case there is also a very close. Call continue the bullet passed over the head all news all the time. Trump's pick for the supreme court is facing an obstacle. The woman who accuses judge breath cabinet of assault decades ago comes forward and what you're talking about. You probably heard about Serena Williams accusing a US open unpire of sexism during her finals match last week while today, he's returning her serve. The times of London says it tennis umpires may boycott Serena Williams matches after her confrontation, the US open file Nathan that fellow unpire. Carlos Ramos was in their words thrown to the wolves for holding the roles. Wow. Unpire strikes back. Get it because the UMP anyway. The tennis umpires can say whatever they want that. They're gonna boycott Serena. But don't pretend you can actually boycott. Serena Williams in tennis because she basically is tennis. But I'm going to be like from now on I'm not I'm for Serena. I'm only going to unpack games for I want to say Stephanie. Oh. Look, I don't know the other ones, but you got my partner that's your KYW breakfast briefing here. What w news time eight oh two. It's time for traffic.

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