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Something that is with at least fifteen minutes twenty minutes max way from sf city. And it's something where. I could leave a car there. We get something to chill airbnb if we want to be closer to family half a nickel ship. Almost most nicholas family is out there take. Rv up there chill out there for three or four fucking month all kinds of shit so that something really excited and looking forward to What fuck it. I wasn't gonna talk about this but Waiting into it. Look i said something on twitter and people like your trip in europe. Shut the fuck up okay. First of all let me say this real quick to everyone who sits there and thinks about shit. Shit abassov listen. Ninety nine percent of the people that talk about sports on sport pages. Guess what none of you. Mother fuckers ever played organ sports past high school. and most. you didn't even fucking play varsity. Okay so don't ever fuck and talk to me about sports. 'cause you boy read to college in played football and basketball in college and i was a football player. Even though i liked basketball better. I played football. Don't ever talk about this shit. What i like about the eighty and nineties in look at the game is different. I get it but this ain't pickup basketball. You know i understand. It's in the teens benefits. Do a one year contract with somebody but if you fuck with somebody. I just don't like the jumping around from team to team. It could be a give us lakers. I don't like it. Some people just like the wind blowing you fuck. That's just fucking cornball shit to me have a fucking plan you know. You can't play chess and basketball because it's too fucking short live. There's just too much shits when it comes to football. I'd said i wish to fucking texan. Just said fuck to shine how to set him. Sit that kabul wayne train you you gotta do trade clause one but now you ask him for a trade and it's like fuck you and the oh we'll take the take the l then start show. The people you know. Set a precedent. Can't fuck fuck out townies. Caitlin motherfuckers run the fucking team. And i'm not about authority. He no. I don't like to fuck police. Look i said this last episode. I don't like the fuck police. That don't mean i'm going to go and break windows on do this. I'm gonna go fucking do. She gonna put me in jail right with the exception of speeding okay. I'm not going up. Obviously just trying to break to hurt somebody. What i don't like about them is being harassed and the profiling that bullshit k. Bought it comes to authorities and certain things. That's the way the fucking game is. I wanna fucking traitor james harden. Fuck them you know. And even jordan miles. They see different than me that we're not i on this but like look that just shows people like how about this. You make fucking work you look at. How many fucking divorces the art look you married the wrong person blah blah. You shouldn't said i. You know. I love you too fast or whatever. Think about what the fuck you're doing. Not everyone is going to win. Okay you look at legacies charles. Barkley did not win a ring k. There's people out there who have not won rings who are fucking great. Deemed dollar aim window championship. motherfuckers raw. Right okay so look all of saying his all this training around here and there by the focus needs to stay put for bid and less. They weren't supposed to stay bit but his ass has a contract k. So it's just the i know. These coaches are fucking in the front office and owners of people. But it's like look man that's part of the fucking game. You chose to play that shit that want to do i. Just that's just my opinion on it right now as far as golf being traded for stafford yes. Detroit got the short end of the stick. Okay so it sucks for them and mahomes who played for detroit but as far as the rams stafford tell me something. How many fucking playoff games has stafford would exactly in a football. We have probably my most exciting guest to date. Can't think of tweenies guests that i can think of that. I've been excited about this excited about sorry. Because i am a twelve fan right and twelve but i got jamal adams comment on the show. This thursday much interview him in a little bit is going to be fucking awesome. Cannot fucking wait. I mean asked him why everything down motherfuckers crazy. I know go talk that shit so all you twelve found out there tune in. It's going to be a fucking huge episode. Think a lot of guys who who follow me on instagram sonoma's stories. I've been bidding on the kobe. Bryant nineteen sixty three impala s. Drop top i lost. I kept that one hundred seventy grounds. Y'all brian anytime. Meant i can literally buy a fucking super ridiculous insane insane. The most insane fucking sixty three low rider drop flight eighty ninety. I'm talking about stupid. everything. Excellent i wanted to just because the kobe. He's something from him. You know what. I mean means a lot but i was like man. I got to wishy going on anyways this weekend. I do planet in big sur or santa barbara monterey. I just wanna go up the coast. Wanna go pie. We won find a nice place to cap out for a day or two and then come back because we got the mother fucking super bowl and before we in this episode. Let me hit you with the psa k. f. I do not own a fencer. I do not have a burner account. Okay not even fucking control or have access to any of my business pages ivanko vs. ben. Baller pod none of that shit period. I don't care how many accounts defend me after. I say something who maybe it sounds like on the one talking on a fucking burner account Do not have. I have never have and never my life. Would i create a burner account. That's not me. You got no idea who i am. If you think that dowd be me because having my page as it is is be off enough to keep me occupied okay. I currently have my private page right to benching baller right..

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