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Covering the northwest and the world From ABC News on Daria albinger President Biden slapping new sanctions on Russia in response to its recent actions concerning Ukraine And he says there may be more I still believe that Russia's poised to go much further and launching a massive military attack against Ukraine Hope I'm wrong about that Hope we're wrong about that but Russia's only escalated this threat against the rest of the Ukrainian territory ABC's Aaron karski and lviv Ukraine In the eastern regions that president Putin says he now recognizes as independent from Ukraine we've seen smoke rising from a power station We've heard reports of shelling and troops on the move And the question is what does president Putin want to do next with troops that he has already ordered in Does he want to push the boundaries of these little statements that he's recognized Or does he want to try and occupy the whole of this country The Secretary of State blinken spoke today with his Ukrainian counterpart but he canceled this week's summit in Geneva with Russian foreign minister Lavrov If you filled your car you know this driver in North Carolina does Everything has gone up Everything And then I get to figure out you know dinner And then I get to figure out all this stuff That includes gasoline the energy department says prices are up another four cents a gallon nationwide to an average of $3 and 53 cents A deadly helicopter crash in Hawaii It is now confirmed for people on board the private helicopter were killed The chopper went down while working for the military He was contracted by the Pacific missile range facility naval installation on Kauai Hawaii not a lot of details are coming out The installation says a helicopter was taking part in a training exercise on the base when it crashed an investigation is underway Alex stone ABC News President Biden has started interviewing a short list of candidates to replace the.

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