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The npr one app and wherever you listen to podcasts joshua greens book devil's bargain steve bannon donald trump and the nationalist uprising has just been published in paperback with a new preface i'm going to do a partial list i think is only partial of people in the trump administration who have been accused of sex sexual harassment sexual molestation or sexual assault we'll start with steve bannon himself who is charged with three misdemeanor counts of domestic violence in 1990 six by his now exwife violence battery and dissuading witness uh recently staff secretary rob porter um corey lewandowski the former campaign manager andrew poster who was the first choice for secretary of labor but the charges the allegations against him next that speech writer david sorensen on okay bannon's candidate to replace jeff sessions and the senate roy more while those women coming forward in saying that they were molested by him as teenagers um so i i i'm not even sure my question is here but this seems to be like trump seems to us surrounded himself and bannon seems to have surrounded himself with people who uh assault or harass women boy in let's let's not leave trump himself off oh it started with your son did an unusual sexual assault fight by 13 women are you know not to mention.

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