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But holy crap. I had never seen anything like that. And North Carolina, As you know, from a From consumer protection standards as a lot of laws, so I just blew my mind that that was the thing. But whatever Okay? Right, 8889347874. Covered some very important ground. Uh um No, I know, I know. Well, No, I have to take it off their vehicle or they'll get pulled over. Absolutely, man. There's no grandfather clause. One of our listeners has this lift and he doesn't appreciate what we're talking about. Well, somebody has to tell him. It's stupid. Well, I think. Yeah, right. No one else in your, You know, we're the people. You should. You should appreciate that. Because your family Jesus stupids, right? The other is dumb, but they're being nice to you. Cause they have to because their family, right not here. Nope. You come here for honesty. Ross insulted his neighbor and his neighbor come over and monster truck is yard. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks it's dumb. I'm talking like three or four neighbors about. Really. We hate that vehicle. So just so you know, everyone in the neighborhood. It feels the same way. Uh, honesty. Best policy. That's what I heard. All right, let's we're going to get into this in California. There is a rather interesting legal challenge I want to share with you. Plus the two big stories that the media got incredibly wrong over the weekend. One from Mississippi and one from Oklahoma. Just so I wanted to place this right in the prime of our seven o'clock hour, so we'll kick things off here. By getting into that story and A. Uh or.

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