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Two earth and with the snowpack on the ground and these frigid temperatures it's going to see michael most daylight for some uh some of the states in the ohio valley the moon's going to siem sixteen percent brighter seven percent larger so we're starting the year with not only a full moon but it's a super moon and then by the end of the month we'll have another full moon that's called the blue moon and for some in the us it'll be a lunar eclipse by the end of the month not a bad way of starting off the first month of the year although we could do without the frigid cold out with that is pretty neat though thank you for explaining those things to us that we have to look forward to this month thank you so much tom sater and if you're into a different kind of wolf wolfman this is a tshirt that we have it's featuring our own wolf noon blitzer and it's actually available online yeah i know i'm getting line we'll be right back a plane crash in costa rica has claimed the lives of ten americans this was a small private airplane that went down in northwest costa rica on sunday afternoon the accident happened just minutes after takeoff and costa rican authorities are investigating at this point what went wrong the state department is pledging to provide assistance to those who have been affected and five of the victims are members of one new york family the couple in their three children all died in the crash cnn's gene kozara says joining us now gene tell us what you know about this this is really horrific in this the costa rica civil aviation has confirmed not only that 10 the ten passengers were all americans but it appears as though that two families just went down upon impact in this very fiery crash is you've been seat the time line yesterday according to officials they took off at twelve ten and they were at the point that you sleep that airport bound for.

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