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Three points in their first game of the season an pay taking some of the headlines with a good performance in this game. Julian laurent was watching of course and will be happy with that result. They wonderful week paris. Joel's how did paris luck in this game. There were some good things some of those not not so good the struggle to be towards the end. I think physically there will be tired. We know that worked really hard with put. Your tino sometimes. Three daily training sessions to get fit for for the solve this season. Which is what push dolls. So i think towards the end. The struggle to physically love the big players. We started no-name on a variety no martinez not maria and the list goes on but we saw why not playing likely positions out widening four midfield with ambani county on their own wanting to some positives some negatives as well the press worked well at times although they lost the boards to get paid. You said critical for you call. The had some good moments also at times was no really good in any decision making with the things to work on. at least it's a winter star. We saw monaco dropping points at home. We saw you tripping points home so far this weekend so i think poaching peers. Gm will be happy with them just to be funny season rustiness. Is that all issues. Yeah i think that's right. That's the word k. Rusty as a bit of tiredness as especially towards the end they go caught cooled early with without golan. The pc's meant twat who's very much line of five and four. Who they played some good football they were by far the most entertaining team in the second division last season they play really good really good manager. We ideas so it was never going to be easy for phd. Even less when you go down after nine minutes they can just defend as deep as they which we did and and tunga mpg. Hot to find a way of creating spaces and creating chances and i keep me who. We saw calling. That goal was was really key because he brings so much team and we saw already in the french community shield appear loss against lead where he was his best player. And i think again now we saw. How much would bring through these teams through this season. Brilliant stop for him and he did say it wasn't all perfect for ps g kayla cuevas called upon a few times in this game. What's going to happen going forward here gills. He's obviously started this game. What's going to happen between him now. That donna room is that it'll be interesting to forget we don't know yet we were towards. Espn a couple of weeks ago. Without getting none of us would remain the number one now and it's no more because digital narrow miso only just arrived in paris on friday. Only starting trainee need to be fit physically but also in some new mentally and all settling in and things like this before. I can even think about starting for the club. Athena's would have a good run of games now. We saw it was pretty pretty much perfect tonight. It service when when needed. There's nothing you can do on the goal for example so it'd be interesting to see how patino manages the situation. We do not who has an amazing euros with italy whose full of confidence momentum from the from the us from the summer and nevada who has more experience where was fantastic last season for phd with me clergy in some of the champions league matches to a competition dot room is never played in for example so whether ten eight one in the league one in europe or it'd be very interesting i yeah so just quickly where we talk about pacino there and obviously there's going to have to be some management done by him. This season a particularly if messages come that is he seen as being able to handle the stars in this locker room. All think so the guy he already has spoken to. Leo messiaen on friday length over the phone. He's got the respect of combat. Pay and neymar. Who really fond of him really daikin. They've got a very strong relationship. Especially happy and chino. Who speaks really good friends. So i've got no issue with the fact that you can manage ego. The the thing is finding the right formula the right tactics the right formation to make these team with may see not just good good as as a team but also balance and not just having three players attacking mbappe and neymar and the rest. Defending everybody will have to talk everybody. We'll have to defend. You can just imagine. The iran side qian and macy which hopefully for defines can remind them of danielle partnership for example so he will be patient and a bit of time to get used to the right takes. But i'm sure puts. You would be able to to find the right way. i mean. Imagine the luxury diana's for many. When he was spurs he never had a player even an extra player recruited during the summer and now he would get room almost one nine heike me and messy in the sem. Summer in the space of a month is just crazy. Wow and it's a lovely problem. Maceo part schettino gills will be able to more from you as always on the governor's podcast got don hutchison joining you this week. Because god is still on holiday and his alpine retreats just six days ago until alita kicks off and we are continuing our countdown bringing you up to date with every team that you'll be able to see on. Espn close and today. It's avia who opened their campaign against ikano and there is so much to talk about with a club like this finished full last season. And that's pretty much. What helps them. Their income for. The club is achieving regular. Champions league qualification. But it's not the champions league that you usually associate this club with it is the euro peligro palmer joining me now longtime commentator lalita and so much to talk about this team. Severe one of the most passionate fan base is rob in the whole of the league. Absolately a wonderful wonderful city for fights last year largest city in spain. I mean it's it's a little bit different. You know when you go there. When i studied covering a week in boston. Lana grading you. Uc spain madrid. Wonderful capital of boston lotteries. He's everything and then you go down to the village you see the orange trees. The architecture the live a the old town the new town tap are stars and hyo spike this time of year. It's so hot ready consulate. But he's as a beautiful oli around city and it's a wonderful others while i coast.

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