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Agree. I think in terms of the veteran thing. I think it's a difficult thing. Just because i think the biggest whenever you have vets it's all to make things on the court easier you know. Teach your young guys but also culture wise. And i think okay she has the culture thing down perfectly right now especially with An mike moscow alike. I think those are the two vets. I mean mike. Here's mike a guy who started crying in his exit interview last year just because of how he talking about how much okay cement to him and like the team in the organization and you can really tell that the organ especially coach mark is like ken rich has like the the vet disciplinary like role on the team mike last year during an exit interview mark. I forgot what the question was like. He was like yeah. Kenny will like grab you by your shirt unlike. Knock some simpson to you and you can tell by the way the guys talk about kenneth williams in like they really respect him night Anyone could in respect him if you just heard his story I think my biggest like worry is not having a true defensive. A that on the team to like really teach guys That's all i've always been big on. Just signing andre roberson to a minimum like obviously andre roberson. So i'm going to bring any value to your team actual performance wise. But i remember ludovic interns. Ferguson would talk about it during the twenty twenty year. How he was the smartest defender they've just ever talked to even I wou i am slightly concerned about no vet guard on the team. But i do think just having what six months or three through six months george hill and a whole year. Cpi would shea is was really good in They have eric maynor now as an assistant who played for the thunder for years So for all. I think like the vet role can sometimes be slightly played out but i also think a lot of people may not realize how much of a role like kenneth williams mike scholar really hats like micro. Scholar came out of nowhere. In terms of this is a guy they just signed to a two year deal Didn't think there would really be a spot to like half imp like he can go help contenders in he wanted to stay in oklahoma city. A team that we all know isn't winning anytime soon and is perfectly fine with. Dnp's unlike a minimum contract which to me is just mind boggling because he could really help contenders out there yet no. He was yoursel last year when he played the the first light. Thirtyish game he was good i think it was like the finally. The guy that the lakers hope trading for But no like is like one of the best years was real last year which is a while to think about..

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