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Sworn in as jurors tomorrow. Single article of Impeachment charges Trump with incitement of insurrection after the attack on the capital earlier this month, the Senate will begin its trial February 8th in order to give Trump and his legal team time to prepare its defense. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez called on Republicans to convict Trump. The question is, Do you hold your oath to the Constitution higher than your fealty to President Trump? Some Republicans already questioning the legality of the Senate trial, given the Trump is no longer president. Marker Malard ABC News These walls could talk and they're starting to revelations continue from inside. The West Wing doctor, Deborah Burkes has now speaking out about her time on the coronavirus task force under former President Trump. Dr Burke says Getting the message out about this deadly pandemic was a challenge, especially because people in the White House and I think people around this country because I've had the privilege to meet them definitely believed that This was a hoax. She would urge Americans to wear masks but says you didn't see many in the White House. There were only two people who regularly wore a mask in the White House and President Trump wasn't one of them. But you have to figure out how to get that message out. When you can't get it out from the head of the country's a Zeeland, CBS News turn locally is growing that Massachusetts is falling behind other states in the rate of covert vaccinations and fears are growing that The state might not be ready to expand the eligibility list. Minority neighborhoods, especially feeling left behind and they're speaking off breaks My heart Deanie Pelley know of the Chelsea nonprofit lock, elaborate, Eva says. Once again, black and Brown. People find themselves at the back of the line, she says. They don't want the vaccine for the fun of it. They want it so they can get back to work safely there. Nah village of Chelsea invested and now we see From 7002 $16,000 in background or full lines still is over 1000 people for days, and she has one simple question for Governor Baker. If you really want to protect all residents on all of us are equal. Why do you place Corbett centers in what communities on Forget about a place like Chelsea? Suzanne Somers Will WBC Boston's news radio, the nation's top infectious disease, experts say there Very concerned about a new strain of coronavirus, which was first detected in the United Kingdom. Some local doctors suggest one mask may not be enough more from WBZ TV Stephanie Chang, Dr Paul Sacks heads Brigham and Women's Hospitals Infectious Diseases division and says, since this strain is easier to catch The quality of your face mask is even more important. I do think that if people are now wearing a thin cloth masks they should try and where two masks rather than one. Dr Sachs says surgical masks like the N 90 five's or more effective against the mutant strain. But the best defense against the virus is the vaccine. The sooner we could get the population vaccinated. The better and many people we spoke with are more than eager for a dose. I know. Yeah, I mean for the vaccine and the nation's top instead. Anxious disease. Dr Anthony Fauci says the Moderna and finds her vaccines seem to be protective against the UK variant 6 49 clear skies just ahead of sunrise in Boston, a very cold 20 degrees as you walk out the door more than 20,000 teachers in Chicago say they are not going to report to work today a weekend vote to defy orders from the city to return to the classroom. Over covert health and safety concerns and school officials end up blinking after warning teachers that failure to show up inside schools today would be considered a move of a strike. Authorities say they'll delay the in class mandate now until Wednesday in hopes of working something out for the nation's third largest school district. Criminal investigation is now underway in Gardner schools, police and school officials are keeping busy with this one. Saying violent and racist emails have been sent to some 5000 students and their families. The threats were sent through a vending system used by the schools and under the name of a student's. The investigation does continue proud day for the police department in Pelham, New Hampshire. NBC's Carl Stevens has more on two officers honored for their life saving efforts. The latest poll on Board of Selectmen meeting was a special one for the fellow Police Department have the privilege of bestowing to lifesaver awards to two great police officers. Awards were presented to Officer Michael Symes and Corporal Michael Casus Key early Christmas morning. They responded to a double stabbing and saved a man's life. The mail had stabbed multiple had been stabbed multiple times and.

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