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Them. Oh Come on you think you could believe me. I decided. I. Love ciders their incredible. I. Don't care if you call me. Sweater boy, these these are good and. Ones. Yeah Ryan you'RE GONNA get caught up real fast. This shows got some depth to it. Doc likes it apparently deciders here. Tonight we've we're on like we've got every range of CIDER tonight and that's Great. Grains of different. We've got dry LAK- chart. European on a piece of paper, we can upload it to the facebook near here. It's like we have this in this fear in this. Refrigerator art we can hang it on the facebook wall. That's an. Straight line through it and come with the curve and. Do Big Bang theory to it. This is getting getting a little too nerdy for me over here that'd be able to be like I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler so we might need some help on this. The point being is that we're talking ciders tonight and I'm excited about it, and that's what I was getting to with all of that and let's reintroduce because that was the introduction that I was trying to get. Around I'M Chad young owner of the tavern say Michael Square Dr Mosier UNC Brewing Laboratories Shawn Johnson of the same place Ryan Kelly doing the production work we are inside of the Auto Collision Specialists Studios, and now it's time for a break. When we come back on the other side, we'll get to the history of CIDERS. Boys study your notes now and the food and De Food and beer pairings on the Broo- Talk Northern counties voice thirteen ten. KFI. It's partly a northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen. Ten. KFI K. DOPP Block Party Wednesdays from.

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