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A defensive tackle. Who's really gonna help fill out that Be one of those big bodies that that salon needs to have that four three defense. And i think that it's a it's a big step for the jets to keep adding to this team You don't the jets. Might not be a. Are they an eleven twelve win team right now. No are they better than the patriots right now. No are they had a better offseason and the patriots no but had the jets had a really good positive offseason. Were they improved. Their team didn't kill their cat and set themselves up to compete in the future. Absolutely they haven't hurt themselves one. So i'm really happy with that and i really think that the The jets are hidden in the right direction. I think coach salah is going to be good for them. I think joe. Douglas is really starting to prove that he's shrew gm that can get guys on a good deal and You know. I think he did a good job not overpaying for people you know like a lot of jet fans were talking about. During the week. Juju schuster spit the twenty four year. Old actual actually former teammate of sam donald at usc it would been real easy to get carried away and try to overpaid juju schuster smith who signed a big time hometown contract with the steelers twenty four years old. He probably figured smith probably figured to himself. You know what. I'm gonna good situation with the steelers but i wouldn't mind a change even if it's not this year maybe next year. So what he did was. He gave himself a chance to sign a one year contract. We still making seven million seven million signing bonus. He's his only cap. Hit of one million. I think the steelers really are being killed cat but then after this year where you know who knows who knows what happens. Maybe when the super bowl maybe they don't maybe either way then retires so the steelers are going to be taking a step back next year. I think smith is thinking to himself. Let me stick with rothlisberger for this one year See if we win the super bowl and if we don't see what happens next year. He'll he still going to be twenty five years old hitting the market is a free agent. he's still going to have a lot of money pocket already from this year. So smith you know. I think he made the right choice for himself this year. But don't be surprised because there was the rumblings. Maybe he becomes a nick next year. A neck i got the nickname on. Maybe he becomes a jet next year. So you you've got to give that to To schuster smith for for sticking with that as a and you know so the the jets really the like. I said they're they're setting themselves up right now. They still have to first round picks this year..

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