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Just littered with blockbuster signings and big changes and big names, changing zip codes and were all like, Whoa, Wow. Can't wait for spring training. Look, some of that natural excitement is going to take it away because of Covina. Because of limited fans at games If there's games at all, if there's fans it all in spring training and coming off of last year's peculiar year. Understand. Just some naturally will not have the same interest of the same vibe going to spring training. What To this point. There's been 70 days of free agency 70 so more than two months And Salaries have totaled $226 million. That is less than what Albert Pool halls got alone in free agency. Nine years ago. He got 2 50. So far, the entire league has spent 2 26. Stars J T Realmuto Trevor Bauer, George Springer, DJ Lemak. You all have not signed yet. And the reason is obviously baseball owners in a type of collusion. Are telling each other just wait it out. Wait it out until later on in the spring, until right before spring training, Or maybe even during spring training so we could drive cost down. Because if we're in bidding wars now Will overspend. But if we wait until March Then we'll get guys that are getting antsy. A sign and we'll get him up at a better rate. And that's clearly what is happening here because right now you have agents. N. G. M's who are battling over well how much money is there, and owners and jams like there's just no money. You know, we lost so much money last year. We just don't have the cash. You will need a 60 game season. And yet what happened in the NBA this year this offseason? I mean, guys you've never heard of made 80 million bucks. So the N B a after a pandemic, apparently completely healthy, No fans of the buildings for the playoffs, which is obviously their bread and butter. And yet No fans in the building right now, by the way, little very little fans and sometimes no no fans and the end of a acted as though businesses usual. We're spending money on stars. Right? John has got all of his cash and plenty of cash splashed around the NBA. But Major League Baseball's like, Oh, well, Booth, you know, in a 60 game scandal last year, no fans, no fans, no fans, and we just We don't know about fans this year, and we were just taking it on the chin right now, which Look, I understand it's slightly different because the MBA played the bulk of its regular season schedule last year with fans And Major League Baseball played none of its schedule last year with fans But let's be honest. This is clearly not about any type of reality financially for Major League baseball. This is just how baseball operates. They try to depress the market every year, and this has happened for years collusion. They were found guilty of back in the mid eighties. You can't tell me this year. The owners don't have a wink wink. Agreement like Hey, let's chill out here. You know nobody's doing great because the pandemic we lost a lot of money last year. Let's just all go. Let's let's let's be cool about this. Steve Cohen takes over the New York Mets and he is worth $17 billion with a B. He is the richest owner by three times. Anybody else in Major League Baseball can use three times as rich is anybody else in Major League Baseball? He wants to win right away. He has told fans if he does not win a World Series within 3 to 5 years, it's a disappointment. He's willing to pay the check. He has the money to pay the check. And he wants to pay the check right now, And he has not spent on any of the stars that he has been connected to your telling me that that's just a coincidence that somehow Steve Cohen takes over and you're number one. It is like you know what? I was gonna wait out this Free disappeared. I just don't feel really great about any of these guys. Come on. This is about it artificially depressed market by the owners and the G. M's claiming poor crying poor as they always do, and it's pathetic. It's baseball, and it's how baseball operates and the owners and the G M's are clearly full of it. Let me.

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