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League night and i wasn't able to see enough high school film but i'm not going to write off the possibility which is interesting. You brought up the levin athletic comparison that took levino long time to get to where he is right now and levinas an incredibly hard worker levin at has that reputation and he has been on the high end of his development. I mean that's that's something new knowledge so it's not inevitable that jalen green could do that. But i don't want to foreclose on the possibility yeah that's one of the big questions about him. I mean i think pretty clearly for the player type that he is and again playing at eighteen in a professional league. I thought his playmaking was pretty. Good you're there are certainly times when he would get into the lane and would just jump as high as he could and would get surprised by the defense or just didn't really know where he's going to go either turn it over force up a a a wild shot But there are other times when you know if you is getting doubled off the pick and roll. He could find the roll man pretty well. We didn't really see those passes to shooters on the weak side now. It's worth noting that at first. When i was watching the tape. I was like yeah. You know like this is all set up for these guys to succeed right like he's got a pro point guard. He's got a older pro. Big man who were setting screens for them. They're running a lot of plays forum kind of wide pin down stuff for him a little bit of pick and roll where the numbers weren't as good. But as i thought about a little bit more than the actual content of the yes they ran plays forum in a way that you know if you were playing in the euro league they probably would love but the situation we talked about this with mingo but commingle had green next zooms a good shooter and green has convenient who's bad shooter and so between playing two bigs most of the time jerk jack not really a great three hundred radio brown is bobby brown. You didn't really have that much shooting rental. He had in the half court like it wasn't a ton of spacing for jalen green in terms of personnel like yes. They had practiced a lot and they were featuring given all that. But i wouldn't necessarily say that the situation was as conducive as i. I kinda thought that it was what i was watching. Some of the you know. Just the individual cooks when you actually watch full games like. Oh there's not accident much space for for these guys. So that's something. I think he he could play in a situation where he has more spacing back to your idea. Though of the playmaking. I think very very much. So you know he can get to the level of a bradley beal or a devon booker. Or zach levine. As a player. he's probably ahead of all three of those guys At this age part of that too is just. There's more spread. Pick and rolls guys developing. Now you know. He wasn't devon booker kentucky. Like just coming off some screens off the ball with the bully cauley stein. And karl anthony. Towns is the focus. Doing he's gotten more wraps in that. Area zach levine was on a pretty good. Ucla team use the use of an afterthought it'll be oh was twenty twelve draft who is younger so he's got more ups spread pick and roll just even at the lower levels at this level Finding like shooters on the weak side. There weren't that many shooters to find on the weak side necessarily. He found the roll man. Pretty well and i wouldn't say that his pick and roll craft or operation is great and the numbers out of pick and roll. Were pretty grisly for him. That was thirty five points on sixty five possessions as a pick and roll handler which was twenty four percent of his offense. He's out of forty nine out of pick and roll. That's that's pretty ugly point. Five four points per possession. Every every other place taibbi actually was above average Other than coming off of screens so and obviously in transition. He's tastic like absolutely ridiculous. It in transition so But again going up against like real men who are guarding him in pick and roll defence. You wouldn't expect that his numbers out of pick and roll. We're going to be great at this point in his career but he's got enough passing in an update i wouldn't how would you describe his overall. Feel as a as a basketball player. Since i've rambled on long enough here. I think that it's okay. I i think that his he's not necessarily looking for everything else like that. But i think his concept of like one to attack space and everything like that is actually pretty good and green is so quick twitch that one of my favorite things that he didn't pick and roll was rejecting the screen because he's so damn if he gets if he gets guy leaning the wrong way he's just going and that will be true against nba players to now. How how what. Kind of level of nba players will be facing. Will he be getting the primary matchups have to see but having that in his back pocket and like you. I like some of the drop passes to roll guys like he has that at a better level. I mean maybe james harden deserves credit for this that these guys that are coming up. Have that pass. When five years ago they did it as as developmental players. And i mean. I think hardiman is the best guy doing that over the last five years and i think that this feel is is all right. I and it might be a matter of reps like i. Don't see the the like. Oh like the unbelievable anticipation like he knows. This guy's going to be there and make that actually thought kamenga was a meaningfully better outlet hit head passer than green but some of that is also circumstance got more defensive rebounds and could get there so i like i thought it was it was better honestly than when i saw athleticism on like. Oh god if he has good feel. It's going to be believable. I didn't think reached that level but positive overall. I'm trying to think of. Oh so it's funny. You brought up the opposite side stuff. I had in my notes like one of the things watching the pick and roll film. I said not making many and then parentheses any question. Mark passes to the opposite side of the foreign pick and roll like. It's just something that you did. And green doesn't really set his guy up like an impeccable rolling on still kinda getting the screen ready. But it wouldn't stunned me if that's something jalen. Greens never had to do in. The modern nba is putting more onus on potential secondary. You know a guys that are to guard size to do that. I mean bills. A good example levine is of course a good example so but i don't know if green you know he's if he's was asked to do that as much in high school where he you or anything else so i. I'm open to the possibility that he can get some of those. Maybe not the like insane levels. That some guys i mean. I remember connolly's filming ohio state where it's like. Oh god he's already doing some of that kind of stuff but my conley was special and he's not nearly as athletic as jalen green so the other thing too is that you can just learn those pick and roll reads right like it's not. It's not that hard unless you're just you really just have nothing right like and particularly because his physical tools are so good he may not be the greatest passer in the world but he's going to draw the defense to him and he's going to create wider openings than a lot of guys are just because he's going to get on top of the defense so quickly his shooting ability as well is probably gonna draw the defense and so i agree with. You doesn't have a ton of pick and roll craft. He's not like getting guys in jail and and doing all that stuff. But i think you both as iso game and you mentioned like rejecting screens in his first step is lightning quick. But that's not as fast as third step is but he will get that first step even if he doesn't get separation on that he just takes two more dribbles in one direction like if there's space in front of him if and especially like if you're not into the ball and directing him a certain way like he'll just take two dribbles and all of a sudden guys just behind him like he's not even really making movies just going in one direction takes two dribbles and then by the time the third dribble has happened or the third step is happened to guide just behind it right if you're just letting him sort of let's say he starting on the left wing takes a couple of dribbles towards the middle of the floor and all of a sudden the guys just behind right and so it's it's really really impressive. You know one of the better. I step through when you look at his quickness off the dribble for his size there really. I'd be hard pressed to think of. I would say a faster in that first step even then maybe levinas or at least flashes it more. Certainly than levine. Did at a same age. But i can't really think of anyone else at the to guard position. That's as quick as semi. I mean you really would have to go to a when i say quick. I mean more in in a straight line attacking. Think he's as good laterally defensively which will talk about. But you really would have to get.

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