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And unincorporated Saint Charles was struck by a pickup truck in the road immediately. After that Ryan. Jio who can county sheriff Ron Haines says lives in the area turned himself into police and his facing several charges including felony count of leaving the scene and failure to report a crash involving death or injury. Sheriff Haynes says they had witnesses the father of one of the friends of the girl who attempted to chase down the truck as it left the scene, and they did point to some signature details about this gentleman fact that they knew he drove that truck in the fact that he always had his German shepherd in the back of the truck which he did at the time of the accident. The child was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. Her family says her condition is improving. Jennifer, Keiper, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. The sun is setting on the FOX network show empire possibly without one of its controversial actors the show empire is in its final season. But no word of actor Justice Milan will be part of the show as an option do have him in the show, but five Jacobs say his future in the show is still unclear. Well, that was accused of staging a racist anti gay attack against himself in Chicago. Cook County state's attorney's office decided to drop the charges Keith Johnson. Newsradio one zero five point nine FM charged with firing a gun and crashing a car near in Evanston elementary school on may eighth. According to police twenty nine year old Darius Morales of Jefferson park, and thirty year old Thuan Daniels of Evanston, we're in a Jeep near the twenty one hundred block of Dewey avenue. Morales allegedly fired shots. No one was hit. The men were arrested on foot a couple blocks away at Sherman and central after fleeing the scene a fourteen year old boy who is alleged to have been shot his alleged to have shot at two men at northside Redline CTA station has been ordered by a judge to be held in juvenile custody. Prosecutors filed petitions calling the Tina threat to the public the teen is facing attempted first degree murder and aggravated battery charges related to the may six double shooting at the Argyle station initially the teen was released to his family, but they failed to pick him up over the weekend. Status. Hearing in the case is expected later this month. Reminder, you can sign up for regular news updates. And breaking news alerts at WBZ, NewsRadio dot com slash alerts. WBZ news.

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