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Here. What rules by ways? Marshon Brooks played at the bulls Secere will books as already been waived. Of course, a Evans outta there. And seldom I'm hopeful that he's going to get a chance to earn two minutes at backup shooting guard. He's obviously not gonna start that's going to be being. I think even at small forward, you could potentially get some time. They're gonna start Chandler Hutchison. Certainly since he's more part of the future in theory. But I think seldom should get twenty minutes a game on this group. I think he's certainly deserves more time than Antonio Blakeney or Raleigh Alcon. Sue who's on a two way contract with them. I like him better than Arshi Aquino as well. So he'll be in the mix with Shaq no Shaq Harrison as well. But I think Seldon has more tools than either of those guys when you consider his potential shooting ability ability to get to the basket and pretty good strength. So they're gonna have to get something more out of him defensively. But he does have some potential to me I like him better than basically any guard that they have a who's not in the starting lineup. But we'll see whether they agree there from the coin perspective. Yeah. Yeah. He was. But we're I was going from a team building perspective. There's also the element that Seldon if they if he does well enough. They can retain them. I mean, it's possible that he gets an offer sheet, but low cap hold low qualifying offer totally find it to bring him back. You could even you know, if they have some vaunted use for all of their cap space. They could use that and then match on Selden or whatever or just straight up signed him after that. So I think they should give him a real shot. I I think that would be a mistake not to especially when you consider the general lack of like real high end upside there other guys I really like Jack Harrison, but I'm not here. Saying shack Harrison's going to be like a real high end player in the future. I just like him being a part of a team. So if you can give Selden the lion share, or at least the highest share of the minutes of any non starting guard. I'd be happy with it was moved to the Cavs. Now, we may take a little bit less time. And then since we only had two questions, and we've talked about one of them relatively recently there, but they are eight and thirty two Alwyn nine since last fifteen and sixty thirtieth in net rating now negative eleven point to their offensive rating one oh five point nine twenty fifth defensive reading is one seventeen. That is thirtieth and that is thirtieth by one point nine points per one hundred dad is just so bad. The Knicks are twenty ninth in that low noted this that I think relative to league average, they are they might be even the worst defense MB history right now. So yeah, I guess it wasn't LeBron last year. Oh, the to have some new guys they're so let's start with this which JR gets traded first. Tim Hardaway junior. JR auto porter, jR, JR or JR Smith S A S daddy share Smith, the reason for that being that his old CBA non guaranteed contract is grandfathered in. So is guaranteed about three million of the eighteen million that is due next year. And so that could be a way for another team to reduce salary and wave him. But the reason in particular that that's a valuable contract is he could be traded at that full value because it's old TV where he new CBA he would count as three million. Outgoing or I think it's eighteen million outgoing and three million incoming us. Basically makes them extremely difficult to make the math words unattractive, unless you're trading him into cap space, essentially, so that's actually could be a way for a team to reduce salary by trading for him and waving him and the Cavs could take on salary despite not having any cap space really this summer. So I think he's more likely to get traded porter is just such a big contract. Same thing with Hardaway a both those guys are negative value on their deals, they can both still play a porter more so than Hardaway in my opinion. So it's interesting to think about, you know, maybe you'd say Hardaway's just gonna get traded in the Knicks will give up an asset to move him..

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